Review: The Deadbringer by E.M. Markoff

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*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“The people act according to their own selfish interests, using tragedy and pity and religion as weapons and shields.”
This book mainly follows, Kira Vidal. He’s one of the last Deadbringers in this world and one of the most kind-hearted characters I’ve ever met. He’s extremely loyal and would do whatever’s necessary to keep those he loves safe. I extremely enjoyed witnessing everything he did and thought. It hurt my heart to see him go through the things thrown his way but my appreciation grew every time he overcame them. I also may have had a slight crush on him every time he was in Death Mode (that’s what I call it, I don’t know what it’s really called). I didn’t care that he was a teenager. He just seems so badass and I am in awe of the things he’s able to do. I also have a great respect for his beliefs and his way of living.
This story’s told in a few point of views and I can honestly say that I didn’t have a favorite. Markoff managed to create such believable and complex characters that I was looking forward to every other POV as much as I was looking forward to Kira’s.
I’ve always had a deep love for necromancy so this book spoke to my soul in many different ways. There’s the dark and the fantasy, two things I love immensely, and even more when they’re put together.
This story was told beautifully; Markoff never dumped loads of information at a time on us and I appreciated it since I was trying to overcome a slump. I loved the pace of how she revealed things. She went for what would have the most impact and it payed off. I felt my eyes bulging out of my head not once, but a few times, and I enjoyed every second of it. Also, I will take a moment to say that I appreciate the gore! It wasn’t excessive but I was definitely looking forward to the next gory scene. I was also caught by surprise so many times that I lost count. I loved how I didn’t know what to expect next; It wasn’t predictable and that is one of the best things I could say about a book.
I’ve never followed a journey so closely as I did with this book. Usually, I forget about a map as soon as I read the first word but I kept turning back to it in order to see where the characters were headed next.
This book had so many unique aspects but one that I absolutely grew obsessed with were the symbols on top of each chapter. It took me a couple chapters to form a connection but when I did, I was madly impressed. Each POV has its own symbol that allowed us to find out who we’re following on that chapter without being told.
The world Markoff created was nothing short of amazing and intricate; I can’t wait to uncover more of what it has to offer. Every one of the characters had their own badass trait, even the ones without their own POV. I loved meeting the different type of beings the world was responsible of birthing and I was always looking forward to witnessing what abilities they possessed.
The reason I didn’t give this 5 stars was because it took me a little while to get a full grasp of the world. At times I felt like I was treading water because I didn’t know what some words meant until their definition was reveled later on in the book. (I’m not the type to bring out Google in the middle of a book so I don’t blame the story). I also didn’t grow attached to the characters, as incredible and intriguing as they were, until around halfway in. I’m proud to say that I am definitely attached to most of the characters we followed.
All except Teemo. I did NOT like her at all. She felt more modern to me when compared to the rest of the characters. Talking about names, I absolutely loved the unique ones Markoff gave all of her characters.
I honestly forgot this was a debut novel until I sat to type this review. This book did not feel like one since it had all the right things, and more.
Also, THAT ENDING!! Gah! I can’t contain my longing for the sequel! I can’t wait to see where the revelations are headed… I need more!!!

4.5 stars!

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