Review: The Mission by L.J. Wilson!


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
Oh. My. God.
I thought I was in love with the first book but after reading this beautiful masterpiece of a book, I can’t choose which one I’m in love with the most. So I won’t.
It’s been SO long-too long- since I’ve loved a romance series as much as I do this one and I couldn’t possibly be more thankful for Wilson than I already am. The suspense L.J. weaves alongside the steamy and swoon-worthy romance is a magnificent and delectable treat. I am completely OBSESSED with her storytelling and I can’t- will never – get enough of it.
I have to admit, a part of me was weary about diving into this book. I was worried that I wouldn’t love the story as much as I did the first one because it focuses on different characters of the family than in Ruby Ink, AND it’s also part prequel. I was being weird and only wanted to know the present events and more about the couple in Ruby Ink, but as soon as I started reading, those thoughts went out the window. I grew emotionally attached all over again and my relief was overwhelming. L.J. took me on an incredible emotional roller coaster ride like no other and I couldn’t contain the tears when it come to these characters being in peril.
This book follows the parents, Evie and Sebastian (Bash), of the Clairmont family in the past, and their son, Alec, in the present, who is investigating their mysterious disappearance from over a decade ago. All Evie knows is what a strict religious group has fed her her entire life and Bash has a past that he’s not proud of and couldn’t control. They were both born into a life that suffocated them and when they find each other… their lives are never the same. These two were just unbelievable, together and apart. They’re the type of characters I more than love and appreciate reading about. They’re true to who they are no matter the consequences and their love, affection, loyalty, etc. towards each other is so palpable, they had me feeling it too. They grew as individuals and they grew as a relationship which never failed to surprise me. Their passion felt genuinely real and so blistering hot that I was surprised I didn’t melt just by touching the book. I wanted nothing but the best of the best for these two and it hurt to see them suffer in any way. My hatred towards the people behind that suffering knew no bounds. I wanted to reach into the pages and strike down anybody that made them feel bad. The fact that I couldn’t kept driving me off the wall. These two were just perfect for each other and the obstacles they faced made everything insane.
Like I said, I usually don’t like to focus on POV’s that take place in the past when also reading about the present, but L.J. managed to change my mind completely. I was looking forward to those POV’s much more than I was the present POV’s. But then, I was looking forward to the present POV’s as much as the ones in the past… my emotions were all over the place. The way L.J. finished each POV made you turn the pages a million miles a minute. I believe I screamed in frustration a few -a lot- of times due to them. I just wanted to read both at the same time and not be kept waiting for the other one to pick up again. At one point in the book, the past and present collide and I completely went insane when it did. It was the moment I was waiting for and L.J. didn’t disappoint.
I seriously feel like a drug addict when it comes to L.J.’s story telling. I wanted more but more was never enough. Even when I was curled up and crying my eyes out over everything that was happening, I was begging for L.J. to continue.
I can’t wait to see how L.J. will continue this masterpiece of a story. I’m completely terrified to see what’s going to happen next but I shall suck it up. I am too emotionally invested in this beautiful family (if you can’t tell) and they need to find justice or I will! I don’t know how, but I’ll do it. I feel like I’m part of their family and I just love these characters so much.
I completely lost it when I read the last word int his book, for a bunch of reasons. It wasn’t pretty but I still give L.J. a standing ovation. The Mission was one of the most captivating reads I’ve read in my entire life. So captivating that my heart was on the verge of pounding out of my chest from cover to cover. I kept trying to savor the words but as the addict that I am, I couldn’t make it last any longer. I only hope everybody else gets a chance to meet the Clairmont family (and love them) too!
This book is meant for readers of age 18+.

6/5 stars!


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4 thoughts on “Review: The Mission by L.J. Wilson!”

  1. Oh my, Cassandra. That is without a doubt the most stunning review I have ever received! I’m SO glad you enjoyed Sebastian and Evie’s story. Yes. It was a bit of a risk to do a prequel, and I have to say you got it! You really got it! Thank you so much for reading, your thoughtful words, and helping to spread the word about this fledgling series. The Clairmont Series cannot have enough readers/fans like you! XO

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    1. Awww that is so amazing to know! I am so glad you liked my review so much! I am unbelievably indebted to you for creating such an amazing family to write books about. I am anxiously awaiting the next book! I can’t get enough of the Clairmont family!


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