Review: Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty!


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This was my first read by Tyrolin and I’m proud to say that I immediately fell in love with her writing. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with anything that has to do with animating/animated dolls ever since I could remember so the premise spoke to my heart.
This book follows Ella, a human that was turned into a doll by a ‘Professor’ about 30 years ago. The attic is all she knows and has been able to see for her entire doll life. The why of the transformation was kept a secret due to Ella’s memories being erased. That is until everything is surfaced to the light. I didn’t see the events playing out the way they did and it was a roller coaster to experience. I immediately fell in love with Ella. She was the cutest thing ever and had the most innocent and beautiful personality I’ve ever seen. She made me laugh and smile at the cute things she said and asked. She’s a rule follower and rarely meets other dolls the Professor animates. So she gets the surprise of her life when the Professor animates a goth doll and has her share living space with Ella. The story picks up from meeting the goth doll and their relationship was more than interesting to witness. They couldn’t be more different but what they had in common was that they wanted to be human again.
As cute as this book was, the premise made it have a dark undertone that I couldn’t have loved more. I have to admit, this book broke my heart. I didn’t expect myself to be so emotionally invested with these characters until they made me cry whenever they were hurt in some slight or huge way. The themes I kept experiencing during this book were surprise and change. Surprising because of the events that happened in the last few chapters that I never saw coming. Change in the sense that I found myself loving characters I was suspicious of in the beginning and hating some characters that I loved in the beginning.
I was completely infatuated with these characters and the complexity they showed. I loved how they had such distinguishing personalities that made them memorable in my eyes. I’ve never read anything like this and I couldn’t be more grateful for discovering Tyrolin. I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough while she kept turning my world upside down. I need the sequel in my hands like yesterday… I need to know what else happens with these dolls! That ending was completely bittersweet and I have to see how the story will continue!

4.5/5 stars!


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