UNBOXING: Go Indie Now! June Box!


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This month, I received one of the most awe-mazing boxes ever from Go Indie Now!

It recently went through a change and it has a new look. Now Ashley includes everything possible in order to transport you to a 4D mental vacation! Each item appeals to one of your senses and it definitely pays off with every unboxing. This concept is one of the most spectacular and unique ones I’ve ever heard of and I have no complaints on this end.

June box’s genre was Historical Fiction and it included the following items:

The book included was Davenport House by Marie Silk!


Davenport House is the first book in a family saga that follows the wealthy Davenport family and their servants in 1915 America.

Mary Davenport is a 22-year-old idealist who worries that the world in the Progressive Era is leaving her behind. She lives isolated in the Pennsylvania countryside with her affluent and secretive family. When her father dies suddenly, Mary becomes pained with grief and increasingly suspicious of those around her.

A humble servant girl has the chance of a lifetime to become a lady’s companion. Costly dresses, exquisite rooms, and fine dinners are pleasant distractions from what is really happening in the house.

With the book came a personalized bonus content packet that includes a letter from the creator, Ashley, and an exclusive interview with the author! There is also a post card listing all of the items!

To see:


Ashley included a print that ties in to the book that she made herself.

To taste and hear:


To Taste: Ashley included a Victorian recipe for Molasses Crinkles

To hear: Ashley included a YouTube playlist that you can listen to while reading particular sections of the book.

To smell:


Ashley decided to make one of my all time favorite items ever (I have a lot of favorites in this box, so please bare with me while I call them all my favorites.) a permanent item in her box. She’s now including a scent pack every month and it’s so exciting!!

This month she chose the ‘Tea Party’ scent pack from [Adventure Scents] and I can’t stress enough how AMAZING it smells. To this day, I’m still smelling it at least once a day. It’s really no wonder why it’s one of my favorites.

To touch:


Ashley included a Victorian Cameo brooch! This beautiful piece calls out to my soul because it is now going with my collection of cameos! I love everything and anything Victorian and this month’s box more than appealed to that side of me. Of course, it’s one of my favorite items in this box as well!

Some other items that were included were a fan


a handmade bookmark by Ashley!

I really love how you can tell how much personal touch, effort, and time she puts into every box. You’re not just getting spectacular items, but you’re also receiving a piece of the creator and I think that’s really important.


And last but definitely not least, she included a bonus gift for her reps. Since I am one, she sent me this SPECTACULAR and JAW-DROPPING necklace!!! I hate that you can’t see the hearts that replace my eyes every time I look at this beauty to let you know how much I have fallen in love with it!!! I have many obsessions, but one of the first ones that has been with me since I was a little girl was my obsession for Egyptian Mythology. (Fun Fact: I dressed up as Cleopatra for Halloween once.) Nobody really knows this about me except for my immediate family so imagine my surprise when I open this cute little white box and this beautiful eye is starting up at me… I freaked out big time and I may have screamed as well. Tears were definitely present. I loved it that much. It reminded me of my childhood and my undying love for Egyptian Mythology so I will treasure it always. I have an incredible and emotional attachment to it already and it means so much that Ashley thought to gift me this. She managed to read my mind (and heart) and I’m super grateful for that fact.

Ashley and this box are beyond words. They give me so many feels and everybody needs to subscribe to it ASAP!


Why subscribe? Besides to own all of the amazing items that are included?

-This box supports Indie Authors and spreads the word about authors that you may not have heard of.

 -10% of all the proceedings go to Knitted Knockers

-It ships Worldwide!!

-Many more amazing boxes are going to come out that appeals to different audiences so nobody’s excluded!

-You can get 10% off your subscription if you use my code: CRYPT10!

Click on the link below to get your box too!



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