Review: Yesterday’s Half Truths by Carey Heywood!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This is the 7th book I’ve read by Carey and I have yet to read a book by her that I don’t like. Her characters are always so realistic that they help me forget about my world and that is always a welcome escape.
This book follows Lindsay, a fashion blogger, and Luke, a personal trainer, as their lives collide and sparks fly. These two were amazing to watch as a couple. The pace of their relationship was fantastic and fulfilling. It was far from instalove and I can’t say how grateful I am for that. They got to know each other professionally at first and then personally. I loved witnessing every second of it. I was a bit hesitant to believe feelings were running amok in the beginning since it felt too soon to label anything but as soon as their relationship started to pick up, I forgot all about my doubts.
It took me a while to like Lindsay in the beginning. Some of the things she said/thought in the beginning rubbed me the wrong way and her maturity was in question because of it. But, thankfully, as the story went on, I became more and more attached to her. She’s going through self-image issues which is, unfortunately, something a lot of us can relate to. She became an inspiration to me and I desperately needed that right now. This book inspired me to change my lifestyle and I will give it my all because of Lindsay and the results I witnessed. I was incredibly proud of how far she’s come from the beginning of the story to the end. She had me tearing up from all of the positive feelings she left me with.
Luke is the best guy and he stole my heart from the very beginning. He cares deeply for his clients and it always showed. He’s kind, patient, understating, and selfless. He’s a looker but his tremendous heart was what took my breath away and my heart hurt. He was always there to help Lindsay when she felt down without a moment’s hesitation. He took it upon himself to help out since that’s the way he’s always done things. His displays of affection were as breathtaking as he and it made me feel jealous of Lindsay being able to communicate with him and not me.
One thing that was never in question about these two was their passion for what they did for a living, and each other. They gave their all, no matter what got in their way and I couldn’t have been happier with them as a couple. This book gave me so many happy feels and it was a treat to see the main characters from ‘The Other Side of Someday’ in passing as well.
The only comment I have to make was that I would’ve loved to witness more conversations between the two before their relationship picked up. I also felt like the relationship was a little uneven. One of them seemed to lift up the other more times than the other way around. These were just slight feelings that evaporated as soon as I felt them. They didn’t impact the love and appreciation I now have for this story. I can’t wait to read more by Carey!

4/5 stars!


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