Review: Asylum in Paradise by K. Carter!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was the second book I’ve read by K. Carter and I had high hopes for it since the first book by her was phenomenal. I had some minor issues with the story but all in all, it didn’t disappoint.
This story follows Mia and JR as their world collide. Both of them are going through rough times but everything is thrown off kilter when JR finds Mia’s body washed up close to his home.
Mia is running away from the life she always knew and JR is a single father trying his hardest to clean up the mess that his ex-wife left. JR’s daughter, Olivia, was the most adorable and hilarious little thing ever. I am obsessed with stories that include a child so my excitement to dive into this story was unreal. Olivia was one of the characters responsible for making the story flow as easy as it did for me.
I was in love with JR and Mia as a couple almost immediately. Their chemistry was palpable and their interactions made my cheeks hurt from all the smiling. I was their personal cheerleader and they didn’t let me down. They brought the best out of each other even while dealing with their personal problems and there was an overwhelming amount of trust and loyalty between them that made me tear up and wish for. They complemented each other in every way and their undying love for Olivia was the main beauty in their relationship. Don’t even get me started with the passion that burned between those two. I felt like I was melting even with my AC on. (This book is new adult so please keep that in mind.) Anyway, these two made me unbelievably proud of having met them. They are amazing people with hearts of gold that deserved all the amazing memories they gave each other. The trio (Mia, JR, and Olivia) helped heal each other which made their character developments a beautiful thing to witness. JR is now one of my all time favorite male characters after this book. All I can say is that he’s beyond perfect and I wish I had met him first so I could keep him instead of Mia. I still love Mia but my minds remains unchanged.
I had some issues with the rambling that kept happening between the characters. I wasn’t a fan of it mostly because I felt like their differences disappeared and they failed to be their own character. Another thing I had a mild issue with was that the story was predictable at times. What saved my experience was that as predictable as it may have seemed in the beginning, the end game was completely different than what I thought it would be. The shock value in this story was outstanding and I loved that K. Carter wasn’t afraid to make it brutal. Also, I wasn’t a big fan that this story is a standalone, just saying.
I read this beautiful love story in one sitting so, in my opinion, it’s perfect for anybody that’s dealing with a slump. It had the most unique elements that made it a memorable love story. I found myself crying happy tears after turning the last page. This story was wrapped up perfectly but it wasn’t long enough. I miss these characters so much already and I honestly hope we get to revisit these characters sometime in the future.

4.5/5 stars!






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