Review: Till There Was You by Wade & Lilliana Anderson


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
When I found out that Lilliana and her husband were co-writing a book, I was beyond ecstatic. The premise sounded amazing and I anticipated the minute it would show up on my kindle.
This book follows Linc and Lily as they try to start something while one of them is going through some dark things. Lily owns a bar and that’s where they first interact.
Sadly, a lot of the story was similar to stories I’ve read before so everything emotional didn’t impact me as much as it would have if I were reading it for the first time. I found it to be incredibly predictable because of it and it impacted my experience quite a lot. I didn’t like how the characters could read each other so easily either. I like a lot more of mystery in order for everything to catch my interest.
Another thing I didn’t like was how the relationship between these two characters started. It was too fast and I would’ve loved a lot more foundation before things escalated to the next level. The fact that it was too fast for my liking made me weary of it. I wasn’t invested in their relationship as much as I would’ve liked. I found myself feeling like I was going through a major cop out because I was TOLD that things were happening instead of being shown.
For example, there came a point in the book where we were told that a couple months have passed and that emotions have deepened. I wanted to witness the conversations, trips, and the memories in the making that took place in those couple of months so I could get attached to the relationship. I don’t believe what I don’t witness so unfortunately, without those details, I was never able to become invested. The time frame just felt as rushed as the relationship.
What I really enjoyed about the story was the humor between the characters. It had me laughing out loud multiple times and it made the story go by faster for me.

3/5 stars


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