Review: Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella aka L.J. Wilson!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
Laura Spinella automatically become a favorite author of mine ever since I read Ruby Ink under her other name, L.J. Wilson, last year. The sequel to Ruby Ink, The Mission, only made me fall in love with her writing even more and the same thing happened this time around.
I was super excited when I found out that this was a paranormal romance. I absolutely love it when an author has series that are completely different genres from each other. It shows me a different side of their minds, and when it comes to an author that I look up to, I appreciate it even more.
The title alone had me adding this book to my tbr as soon as I saw Laura talking about it. Ghosts???? Romance?? Favorite author?? What else could I ask for?!
This book follows Aubrey who inherited the gift of seeing ghosts from her dad. She grows up to work for a newspaper and a sudden re-opened murder case they’re covering shoves her into a partnership with Levi, the office’s least liked person.
As they conquer the famous murder story, they can’t avoid their personal lives from seeping through their investigation. Levi is a-sexy-mystery waiting to be unraveled while Aubrey tries to juggle her ghost gifts while at the same time, focusing on the murder story. Secrets come to light and the roller caster Laura takes us on is nothing short of intense.
I’ve been itching to read a story where the main characters can’t stand each other in the beginning for a few months now. I always love to witness how far a character can change from the beginning of the story to the end. Or in this case, an acquaintance. It makes their character developments that much more interesting to witness and this book gave me the dose that I needed, and more.
I absolutely loved Levi and Aubrey’s interactions. They were so genuine and heart-felt and I couldn’t get enough of how perfectly they complemented each other.
Not only do we get to witness an unlikely relationship unfold but we also get a first look into the life of the victim that they’re investigating in alternating chapters. The investigation is full of scandals, betrayal, and unbelievable moments.
I’m proud to say that my excitement over this book only multiplied after starting this baby. I loved seeing the difference between the two series I’ve read from Laura and I kept being awed at how diverse her mind is.
Laura weaves multiple intriguing stories into one book and I was constantly left feeling like I was out of breath. So much was going on but not to the point where you didn’t know what to focus on.
The characters were perfectly thought out and they each had their own allure. I found myself growing attached to characters I was never expecting to grow attached to.
I can’t begin to express the immense appreciation that I have towards Laura for making this into a trilogy. That ending was beyond beautiful and heart-wrenching in so many ways but I’m far from being ready to say goodbye to these amazing characters. Especially Levi. I need him in my life and I am seriously hoping for more of him in the next two books!
P.S.: Laura, I will never forgive you for scaring me to death with those last few chapters!!!! My heart almost beat itself out of my chest because of you.

5/5 stars!


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