Double Review: Did I Mention I Love You and Did I Mention I Need You by Estelle Maskame!


Ever since I read the synopsis to this book while scouring the book aisles at Target, I fell madly in love and just HAD to get it. Then I saw that the sequel was also available so I had to get it as well.
This book was my first by Estelle and I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t obsessed with it either.
We follow Eden as she moves in with her father for the summer, who she hasn’t seen or heard from for a few years. Not only are they strangers to each other, but he now has a different family, who she moves in with too. She now has a stepmother and three stepbrothers that she has to learn to be friendly for the summer.
I didn’t really like Eden in this book. She got on my nerves with her constant questioning. I really wished she had minded her own business more often. I also found her lacking a backbone and that is the most unattractive quality in a fictional character I could ever stumble upon. I did love her relationship with her mother though.
Cue in her cute (later I change my mind to sexy but that’s beside the point) and older stepbrother, Tyler. My first impression of Tyler was awful and I would’ve hated him a million times over had the author not meant for it to be that way. I wanted to smack him upside the head more than anything for the way he behaved.
This is a forbidden romance between the two of them but I felt like their ‘attraction’ wasn’t up to par with me. I wasn’t believing any of it and that is what impacted my rating the most.
I didn’t have a connection to any of the characters and it was really saddening. One thing I will say is that this plot line grew to be crazy in the drama department. Things are happening right and left and it was still fun to witness everything play out the way it did. That’s the main reason why I didn’t give up on this book once the romance wasn’t cutting it for me. It left me wanting to see what else these two would go through as soon as possible. So I picked up the second book immediately after I set this one down.

3/5 stars.


OH. MY. GOD!!!!! This book has done it!! It has made me fall in love with this trilogy which is something that the first book was nowhere near accomplishing.
I loved how the first book takes place in LA but we get to see New York in this one. There’s nothing more entertaining than moving characters into a different setting and witnessing the differences it sparks in them.
I was really looking forward to reading what else Eden and Tyler would get into but I never in a million years thought I was going to fall hard for them. I mean him… This book proved me wrong and I couldn’t be any more appreciative.
Eden and Tyler go through a different set of hardships and it was heart-breaking to witness, especially when I was rooting for them so freaking hard after the first few pages.
Like I said in book one’s review, I wasn’t a fan of Tyler’s at all. I found it hard to see him as anything other than a brat but we get to see a completely different side of him in this book and godDAMN was it amazing. One thing that I couldn’t get enough of was whenever he spoke in Spanish. My GOD is that a weakness of mine; I melted into a puddle of goo whenever the words left his tongue. A guy that can speak my first language… I swear my room grew as hot as an inferno in there because of him. I’m melting just thinking back on it and I now want to reared it immediately. Anyway, I can’t even put into words how much I was crushing on him before I ended up falling hard. His heart was the most beautiful thing to witness and he has jumped super high on my book boyfriends list because of it. I was so invested in him that his heartbreak was my very own. His tears made me cry. His laugh and smile made me warm inside. Whenever he was in pain, all I wanted to do was reach in and console him.
Eden was still getting on my nerves on this one. That girl has her work cut out for her if she wants me to think her worthy of Tyler’s affection. I am only rooting for them because it makes him happy and I want that for him. He deserves that and so much more. Eden was still lacking a backbone but she managed to do something about it at times. Not as often as I would like her to but still an improvement from book one.
My love and appreciation for Eden’s mother only grew after reading this book. She does so much for Eden and is always there for her, no questions asked; Just like a mother should be.
I read this beauty of a book in one sitting and that was the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve been trying to put these books aside since I knew they were part of a trilogy. I wanted to own the 3rd book to complete the set before I started them but clearly, that didn’t go down so well since here we are…
I am beating myself SO HARD for not listening to myself that I’m my own worst enemy right now. I should have waited and prevented myself from going through such overwhelming withdrawals. Now I have to wait UNTIL DECEMBER to get the third book and I’m dying slowly inside.
I can’t live this way after that ending. I can’t… I won’t. I couldn’t stop crying after the last page (I’m crying right now just thinking about it) and I wanted to take it all back right then and there. I wanted to go back to when I had no idea who these characters were. I just want to hibernate until the release of the next book. The wait is making me go freaking insane. I can’t handle it. I’ve been trying to forget about this book(and Tyler) with other ones but UGH it’s not easy.

4.5/5 stars!



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