Review: Up in the Treehouse by K.K. Allen!


“Chloe has always noticed things that were of no benefit to her, and that’s what made her significant to me.”
I can finally share with you my thoughts about this beautiful, magnificent, epic, love story! Ever since this beauty arrived at my doorstep, I couldn’t think of anything else. The cover was fantastic; It’s simple but very eye-catching. I was already in love with the book by just looking at the cover but then I read the premise and my love skyrocketed to epic proportions. I was in love with the physical book itself and had already put it on a high pedestal without meaning to. So imagine how much hesitation I went through before reading this… The good thing is that I was scared for nothing.
This was my first read by K.K. Allen and I was immensely pleased to say that she was bumped up high on my favorite authors list because of it. Whenever I stumble across a love story that seems to be taken straight out of my mind, I have nothing else to do but rave about it every day in hopes that somebody listens and takes a chance on it too.
In this story, we follow Chloe and Gavin. Two characters who have been the best of friends since they were children. Things happen that shatters that friendship and we follow them as they are brought together, years after the incidents. They’re two best friends who explore a completely different aspect of their relationship while struggling through their past together and apart. We get both of their point of views which made me even more excited for the story. Give me a male point of view and Iam a melted goo in your hands forever.
Chloe is a journalist and I loved her so freaking much, it’s unbelievable. It’s rare when I like the main heroine as much as the main love interest, but this book just kept shattering my expectations at every turn of the page. I can’t stress enough how much I deeply appreciated the fact that Chloe didn’t lose herself in the relationship. She stayed true to who she was every step of the way and she had an amazing head on her shoulders. I tried not to be jealous of her (too much) whenever Gavin spoke to her. The things that man said to her tugged at my heartstrings and ugh! I want somebody to speak to me the way he does to her. It’s just that simple.
Gavin is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever read about and his passion for it is heartwarming. I fell in love with him straight away. His soul was the most beautiful thing ever and there’s just no way to not want to keep him for yourself. The things he’s willing to sacrifice in order to make those he loves happy knows no bounds. He would rather give up his own happiness if it means that somebody he loves will be even happier. I wanted to hug that man to death because of how incredible he was. I absolutely adore K.K. Allen for introducing me to him.
Anyway, these two had me cheerleading them on from page one. They were nothing short of perfect together and their struggles felt as real as they could get. The pain and suffering they were both going through was incredibly believable. Their every emotion resonated with me and I felt it down to my very core.
That prelude was just … MAGNIFICENT. It was the first thing that let me know I was going to love this story more than the physical thing itself. It took my beliefs straight out of my mind, like I mentioned before. I have always said that the best relationships are the ones that start off as best friends and that is basically what this story is about. It’s something I’ve been (secretly) hoping for myself, so it’s no surprise that my attachment to the story was in full swing before I even started it.
I loved how much of an important role super heroes played in this book. As a fan of the comic book world and its characters, it was a nice treat to witness this story appeal to that side of me. No book has ever done that before and I appreciated it a hundred times over.
Also, the format of this book is one of the most gorgeous ones I’ve ever seen. One of the reasons I didn’t want the story to end was so I can see more of the illustrations. This book made me laugh hysterically, smile like a lunatic, cry like a baby, and cheer like I’ve never done before. Just when I thought I had something figured out, K. tugged the rug out from under me and let me know that I didn’t know anything at all. There were so many things that took my breath away that I lost count and I couldn’t be any happier with that ending. I miss these two incredible beings with all of me and I just hope that we get to visit them again in the future.
This book is New Adult so it’s not suitable for readers under 18.

6/5 stars!


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