Review: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson


Ever since the hype behind Morgan Matson has been insane, I’ve been excited to finally get the chance to read something of hers with this book. Sadly, she didn’t meet the hype for me.
The story was cute and hilarious but Amy & Roger didn’t have the IT factor. I didn’t really believe their attraction for each each other. To me, they were better off as friends.
I wasn’t really a fan of Amy but Roger’s story was definitely more entertaining to follow.
What really got on my nerves was that every state Amy went to, there was always somebody into her. I found it really heard to believe that every male she met would be attracted to her. It was too out there and I didn’t enjoy it for one second.
What I did love more than anything, was the format. There were receipts, postcards, and much more included throughout the story. It made the road trip seem as real as possible and it had me itching to go to one of my own. All in all, I will still give Matson another chance in the future.

3/5 stars.


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