Review: No Breaking My Heart by Kate Angell!


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first book by Kate Angell and I fell madly in love with her! I know, I know, this is the 5th book in this series and I admit, I was scared to read it at first. I HATE starting series in the middle (who doesn’t?) but I heard that it could be read as a standalone so I dived in without a second thought and I don’t regret it one bit!
This series follows different characters in each book but the place stays the same. In this one we follow Alyn, an antique lover who is experiencing the negative consequences of trusting people, and Halo Todd, a cocky and famous pro baseball player in the middle of getting his life together.
My respect for Alyn grew to immense proportions throughout the story. She wasn’t incoherent at the first sight of a pretty face (Halo) and she stood up for herself constantly. Her self-respect was off the charts and it made me proud of her. Which made being in her head an amazing experience.
Halo’s character was also interesting to follow. He was kind-hearted even when everything about him screamed the opposite. I would’ve loved to had witnessed his development a little earlier though. We come into his life in the middle of his development and it made it hard to compare his progress since there was nothing to compare it to. There was only talk of who he used to be but I prefer to witness it myself and I didn’t get to. Anyway, it didn’t make me love him any less so it didn’t ruin my reading experience whatsoever.
These two meet in the most unique way I’ve seen yet and their interactions had me laughing harder and harder the further I got into their story. I loved seeing them together and my heart ached at their adorableness. It was incredibly obvious that they belonged together from the very beginning but, fortunately, the pacing wasn’t rushed. I also loved that these characters did things together that I haven’t seen other characters do yet. It made their story unique and unforgettable.
There were so many unique characters other than these two, and a pet in a situation I haven’t seen another author tackle yet. I loved how that very situation helped the characters bond easier. He was his own character in his own right and I loved how his spotlight wasn’t dimmed just because he was an animal.
Besides Alyn and Halo, we not only get a view into their relationship but also into his best friend, Landon’s, love life. It helped me build more connections with characters and that’s never a bad thing.
This story had an insane and perfect amount of steaminess and cuteness. I can’t even begin to tell you how steamy… It was almost 35778 degrees in the city I live in and this book made the heat even worse. Not that I’m complaining, of course.
My cheeks hurt like nobody’s business since I was a smiling lunatic from cover to cover. I loved the family dynamic between our main characters plus the baseball players. It made me wish with all my being to be a part of the family. I felt a little left out… We got to see a soft side of most of the players (double meaning there) and I loved every second of it. It’s always a plus when we see more than meets the eye.
This book was incredibly hard to put down, so I didn’t even try. Every second I wasn’t reading, my mind was thinking about it. It goes without saying that I am now obsessed with this series. I NEED to read the rest of the books since I can hear them screaming my name. I not only fell in love with the characters but with the atmosphere as well and I can’t wait to experience more of it!

4/5 stars!



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