Review: Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall!


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first novel by Sandy Hall and I can honestly say that I am a fan now! This is a diverse YA book and I seriously wish I could reread it immediately.
We got 4 total POV’s in this book but the ones that really mattered (at least to me) were from Gideon and Kyle. They’ve been best friends almost their entire lives and have been next door neighbors for the same amount of time. We follow them as they are trying to get through high school with their own set of problems.
Gideon is an incredibly smart guy and is trying to figure out the sudden change of his feelings towards Kyle. Kyle is part of the varsity basketball team, has a cheerleader girlfriend, and is struggling in his classes. Both of them are huge fans of Lord of the Rings, so if you’re one too, then you will definitely enjoy this!
I absolutely loved watching these two together. I believed their loyalty and respect towards each other deep in my body. Every time one of them said something cute, I couldn’t help but grin like a lunatic. I loved them so much that whenever things weren’t as amazing as I wanted them to be, I was tearing up and demanding for an immediate solution to it all. I was completely invested and I am forever grateful to Sandy for introducing us to them. They were spectacular and will forever hold a special place in my heart.
This book was a fast read for me so I read it in one sitting. I mostly felt like this was a little bit too light of a read for a diverse book, but no matter, I enjoyed it. I also noticed that things were resolved much too easily at some points which didn’t let me give this 5 stars. I love not knowing what to expect from a rude character but I didn’t know how to feel about the one we had in this one. All I know is that I felt like the side characters weren’t really interesting, except Gideon’s brother. They all felt 2D to me and it would have impacted my rating immensely if I wasn’t already taken by Gideon and Kyle from the start.

4.5/5 stars!


Review: The Form of Things Unknown by Robin Bridges


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
This book follows Natalie as she struggles to apply herself back into society after her trip to the psych ward. In the beginning, she is forced by her brother to audition for a Shakespeare play and we get to see how she throws herself into it in order to feel normal again.
I really liked her as a main character. I could actually feel her emotions and how everything around her was impacting the image she had in her head about herself. I enjoyed meeting everyone in her life, old and new; Natalie had a knack for befriending nice people, for the most part, and I admired that about her. One thing I didn’t enjoy was that I felt like a certain reveal of her background story was anticlimactic. I was really looking forward to it and when the time came, I was left pretty disappointed.
I absolutely loved her brother more than anyone in this story. He was sympathetic, kind, caring, diverse, and everything a sibling should be. I loved seeing them interact with each other since it reminded me so much of my own relationship with my brother.
I was also super intrigued where Lucas, a fellow psych ward attendee, was concerned. His personality and dodgy behavior made him alluring to me and I loved reading about his background. Another one of my favorite things was seeing him care for his little sister.
Robin’s writing is more than intriguing and incredibly easy to consume. I loved the vibe I felt throughout this book. It wasn’t creepy or anything but I always enjoy it when authors don’t make it all about fluff. The ending was nice and a little innocent for me, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Despite my low rating, I am still intrigued by these characters and would love to know more about them!

3.5/5 stars.

ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Kathrin (@Kkat.xy)!


Name: Kat (Kathrin)
Age: 29
Birthday: 11th July 1987
I live in Germany

-What do you usually do when you’re not taking pictures, besides reading? 
Besides reading and posting pictures on Instagram, I love to play video games… I’m huge fan of retro games and Nintendo. My current addiction is Pokemon Go… I just love to catch them, I always dreamed of doing this myself back then and now it’s possible. It’s amazing!
-Are there specific steps you take when take pictures? Ex: Is it planned or spontaneous?
All my photos are spontaneous… I really don’t plan anything. I just grab some books from my shelves and some props and take a picture😉  When I’m in a mood to take picture… I take a lot of them just to post them at some point. I can’t take pictures when i don’t feel like it… they won’t good when I force myself to take them.
-What is your favorite part of running your account?
My favorite part is interacting with all the lovely people around the world😉
-What is your most asked question on social media?
How many books I have😉 I think I’ve answered this question like a million times. I currently own 1186 books and 2539 manga.

-What is your favorite snack?
Chocolate. I’m literally crazy about chocolate… I love everything that has chocolate on it^^
-Who are your favorite female main characters?
Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
Hermine Granger from Harry Potter
-What is your favorite season?
Fall because everything will be so colorful, I just love the air (it’s different I think) and it feels amazing… I’m always happy when fall begins
-Where is your happy place?
My little library in my apartment… I could spent days in there… I just love to be surrounded by books


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Review: Theta by Lizzy Ford!


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
I’ve been dying to read this magnificent beauty of a book ever since I finished Omega on August of last year!! I was so immersed in being back into this beautiful world that I didn’t even see the ending rapidly rushing at me. I was deceived big time with those extra pages and I am super depressed about it. There’s nothing like being proud of having a quite a few pages left to read (which means more things to discover) and then finding out that the page you’re reading is the last one. I’m pretty sure we can all hear my heart shatter all over again, right?
Anyway, we follow the same characters from the first novel, Omega. If you read my review for that one, then you KNOW how much I am obsessed with every single character in this series. They all have a depth to them that is far more than I can handle. Why can’t I handle it? Because it makes me love them all when I’m supposed to hate some for the things they’ve done; Yet I can’t manage to make myself do so. I admit, I’m not trying hard enough but these characters all deserve my love and I gave it to them the second I met them.
There’s Alessandra, the Oracle of Delphi, who is coming into the rest of her powers. We get a taste of just how strong she can be if she let herself and witness how she deals with the events forced upon her on the last book. She’s one of the few heroines that I can’t help but respect everything they do and feel; I can’t admire her enough.
Then we have the love of my life, the smile to my frown, the giddiness to my sadness, the grotesque prince, the most feared man, Adonis! I can’t get enough of him and this book just kept on proving it. I want to know SO MUCH MORE about his past- every little thing – that I think I want it more than he does. I also couldn’t keep myself from swooning at everything he said. I loved witnessing how much he’s changed from when we first met him.
And last but no least, we have Phoeibe, the Silent Queen, who is as badass as they come. She isn’t afraid to do whatever must be done in order to win the war everybody is fighting.
In this installment we get to meet new characters (that I also loved) and witness unexpected alliances well as betrayals. Now that I think about it, I do hate one character in particular… but that is it. Secrets are also starting to unravel and the plot keeps on thickening. We also get to experience some crazy and unimaginable twists and turns.
Honestly, I am going insane without knowing where my babies are going to end up. I had a constant horrible feeling in my stomach while I read since I knew that things were going to get worse for them but I had no idea how. It was a feeling of dread mixed with fear and everything bad in the world. At one point, I was crushed in a way that I didn’t see coming and I couldn’t stop crying for a while after IT happened. This series is the perfect example of how things are never quite what they seem and I need more of it no matter how scared I might be.

5/5 stars!

ICYMI Author Spotlight: Linda K. Sienkiewicz!

Name: Linda K. Sienkiewicz
Genre/s you write: Contemporary, Poetry
Birthday: N/A
Number of books out: 2


-How did you come up with the title of your book?

At its heart, the story is about love and what people will do for love. A mother goes to extreme lengths to protect her daughter. A father takes action unlike anything he’s done before to keep his daughter from going astray. A woman spends a lifetime comparing every man to the first she ever loved. A man sends yellow roses, which signify friendship, to the one he loves, hoping she’ll understand the deeper meaning.


-What is the most interesting thing you discovered when doing research for your novel?

The way Hungarians swear! I stumbled across a page on the internet that had the most colorful Hungarian curses you could imagine. I’d never heard anything like it. A fellow writer and native Hungarian was a big help, too. She said Hungarians don’t say “damn you to hell” because that’s too easy. I can’t share what they’d really say here. It’s too lurid. You’ll just have to read the book!


-How would you describe your main character?

She’s a great big heart in a little 4’9” body. Her mother calls her a mesomorph, which Angelica thinks sounds more like a rock formation than a girl! She’s altruistic and forgiving, a seeker of truths, and when she finally finds her strength after a devastating setback, she becomes a force to reckon with.


-Where did you find your inspiration for your novel?

From my friends’ families and the secrets and scandals in my own, which I have to keep secret! I think every family has a couple of good whoppers to tell, don’t you? I also believe there is a level of dysfunction in every family, too, even those that look so perfect from the outside.


-What are your pet peeves?

Distractions when I’m writing: A barking dog, the telephone ringing, itchy tags in a sweater, cold feet, hot flashes, buzzing lights, the sound of a television in another room. Cravings. Kenny G on the radio. My husband walking past my writing room. Often just the expectation of him walking past my room is enough to blow my concentration.


-What is something no one else knows about you?

I had strange compulsions when I was a girl, such as thinking if walked past the huge picture window in our house at night three times without freaking out, my parents wouldn’t die in a car wreck.


-Who was your first celebrity crush?

Jim Morrison! Listening to him sing was nothing short of an orgasmic experience. His lyrics blew me away—“his brain was squirming like a toad”—my God, who else on the planet wrote like that? As an angst-filled, artsy teen in the 70’s, dealing with a bad breakup, Jim’s darkness was a beacon of light for me.


-What’s your next project?

So many of my readers want to know about the other characters, so I’m writing about Joe Vadas, Angelica’s first love. He’s a fascinating character—the “Hungarian heartthrob, the gypsy king,” the boy all the girls wanted. I also plan to write a sequel, maybe from the point of view of Angelica’s daughter. I love to hear ideas from my readers after they’ve read the book, so please let me know!



I love the sense of purpose writing gives me when I push the world in a certain direction. It all comes down to the message, whatever that may be. As a writer, let me help you make sense of the chaos we call life through my stories. Let me entertain you. Let me show you something new. Let me turn your world upside down and set it right again.

I’m delighted to share that IN THE CONTEXT OF LOVE was named a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist, and given an Honorable Mention in the Great Midwest Book Festival! If you like engaging books that make you laugh and cry, and leave you with a sense that the world is still a good place to live in, you’ll enjoy IN THE CONTEXT OF LOVE.


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Review: All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause

sunny beach

*Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Chelsey and unfortunately, I wasn’t as big of a fan as I wished I would be.
This book follows Natalie, a thrift store manager that starts looking for her bio family because of something she found. The premise had lots of potential and I was honestly excited for it but I didn’t find it enjoyable. I found Nat to rarely act her age and I wasn’t invested in her at all. The only times I was truly intrigued were the moments she was digging into her past, nothing else. I felt like the scenes between her and the main love interest trumped everything and everyone else in her life and that wasn’t to my liking when I wanted to know more about her as an individual. I felt like I was being forced to like them together but it didn’t work. This was one of the rare times I wished the romance would have been on the back burner.

In comes Casey, a firefighter who is thrown into her family search as well. I wasn’t a fan of them together (or apart) at all. I felt like their attraction was too instantaneous for me and I couldn’t support it.
I felt like the story was super cheesy and too far-fetched to be believable. The extreme number of coincidences were giving me headaches more often than not. Upcoming events were too obvious and I never like predicting them from the beginning of the story, like it happened here. I also felt like there weren’t as many details as I would’ve liked there to be about many things. It got super repetitive and it was one of the main things that made my reading experience not so great.

1.5/5 stars

Review: Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears by Sarah Waterraven!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Sarah and I can’t help but feel horrible for not getting to it sooner. I fell in love with the characters almost at first sight and I’m having major withdrawals just thinking about them. This is a paranormal book about other kin and humans living together on Earth, without secrecy. There’s still bad blood between some but we get to see a different take on the paranormal and I enjoyed every second of it. We see how they make cohabitation work and it was a nice treat.
We follow Ares, a (very handsome) vampire who is wary of everything and anyone that gets too close to him or the Detective he works for. Well, he’s an unpaid assistant but no matter. I loved how realistic his actions and reactions were to those around him. He’s one of those characters that you can’t help but yearn to unravel piece by piece in order to cherish every little thing you find. This was the case with all of the magnificent characters that made an appearance but Ares is number one on my list. I just can’t get him out of my mind! I’m rooting for his happiness so hard…
We also follow Alexandria, the Detective’s niece, who dresses in a very eccentric way. I loved how adorable her personality was. She was the full package: smart and beautiful inside and out. We get to witness how her presence sets forth certain events that I NEVER saw coming. I never thought the story would go the way it did but I’m not complaining at all.
This book gave me a serious dose of angst since I couldn’t help but ship two certain characters with all I have and things just aren’t going my way. Sarah, I hope you know what I’m talking about and grant my wish on the next book! (Please.)
Sarah’s writing made it effortless to get lost into this world and its characters. I’m seriously yearning for more, especially Ares! *Heart eyes*

4/5 stars!