ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Logan LeDuc (@Thebookelves)

Name:  Logan LeDuc
Age: 22
Birthday:  February 4th, 1994
Instagram:  TheBookElves & HumansofBookstores

-Do you plan on becoming an author in the future?
Yes, I do.  I’ve planned on writing and publishing a book for years and hope that this dream becomes a reality.  Right now, I’m actually in school to become a high school English teacher and am very excited about working with kids and inspiring them, while in turn being inspired myself.
-How do you edit your pictures?
I actually only use Instagram photo editor to edit my photos.  I don’t know how to do anything fancy so I’m snapping the photos on my phone and editing them in the same program.  The only time I use anything else is when I need to make a collage, in which case I rely on Pixlr which hasn’t failed me yet (and is super simple!)
-Where did your love for books/writing come from?
When I was little, like most kids, my dad and mom always would read me stories before bed.  It was my favorite part of the day as we’d all snuggle up and dad and mom would do character voices and I would just love imagining the worlds they were creating for me.  The first book I actually read entirely on my own was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I read the first four books so much (the others weren’t released yet) that my mom actually had to take them away from me and give me something else to read.  Writing was a similar story, as my father was always writing little rhyming poems on sticky notes and including them in my lunch box, which had not only me but my friends and teachers all wanted to read what he had written that day.  He inspired me to write something that everyone would want to read, regardless of age.

-What is your favorite food?
Pizza.  Always pizza.
-Who is your favorite Disney Princess?  Why?
Tiana from Princess and the Frog because she was one of the few princesses who worked two jobs and had a goal and didn’t let love get in the way of her achieving those dreams.
-Do you have any pets?
I do!  My boyfriend and I live together and we have a kitten named Minnie (short for Minerva), and a dog named Clark (after Clark Kent).  They’re both adorable and best friends and Minnie is actually asleep in my lap as I write the responses.



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