ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Sharon Victria (@Readbysharon)!

Name: Sharon Victoria

Age: 25

Birthday: 31 July 1990

Nationality: Dutch



 -Why did you choose to start your account?

Honestly, I just came across a few bookish accounts and also wanted to share my love for books with like-minded people. Growing up, I never really had friends who also loved to read; and now I have just a few ‘real life’ bibliophile friends. So one day I just thought “why don’t I just start my own bookstagram account?”, and then I did. I really just wanted to get to know other readers, talk about books, share pictures, and find out about more amazing new reads.


-What is your favorite part of running your account?

Getting to know fellow bookworms and interacting with them in a way that isn’t scary to me. I wouldn’t be very good at this interacting thing if it was face to face, but because everything happens through pictures and comments that makes it so much easier. It’s definitely a lot of fun to meet people who share the same interests and who are incredibly talented and run these beautiful accounts!


Who has supported you the most in your journey? 

Actually, a few people have been very supportive. I think if I had to narrow it down to 5 (which is already incredibly hard to do), I’d say Leah from @leavingthroughthepages, Urooj from @urooj.reads, Lindsey from @thepagemistress, Taylor from @taylorreads, and definitely you, Cassandra (obviously, from @thebookishcrypt). From helpful tips and nice comments to shoutouts here and there, you all have been really supportive and I am very, very grateful!


-What series has the most beautiful covers, in your opinion?

The Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. This is actually my favourite series currently, not counting HP because that would be unfair to all other books. The covers are just so beautiful, and they just get better and better! I mean, have you seen the Crystal Storm cover?! Magnus Damora, scar and all! I can’t wait to display that one on my shelves!



-Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?

Can I pick two? I’m going to pick two. My absolute favourites are Belle and Pocahontas. Is she a even princess? I think so, in a way. Anyway, the reason I like them is because they inspired me as a kid and had a great influence on me. Belle is this kind girl who loves to read, and Pocahontas is this free-spirited girl who believes all creatures are equal. I happen to be a vegetarian (closer to veganism though) and a bibliophile, and I think part of the reason why is because I used to watch those movies so much. By ‘used to’ I mean I still do.


-Who is your most owned author?
Most definitely my Queen, JK Rowling. I own all the Harry Potter books in both English and Dutch. I have the Hogwarts Library books, but own The Tales of Beedle the Bard twice. Like many others, I’m about to start collecting those illustrated editions as well. And I own some of her non-HP books too. I just really love this woman. She single-handedly made my childhood magical. I grew up reading Harry’s story and being the same age as him with each book. I could never thank JK enough for such an experience. Did you know her birthday (and Harry’s!) is also on the 31st of July? Yeah, I share my birthday with my idol. *heavy breathing*


-What is your favorite season?

Autumn is definitely my favourite. There’s just something about the leaves changing colour, and that chilly Fall weather. Wearing cardigans and boots and scarves, and layering everything up is just the best. Everything about Autumn just makes me feel all happy and cosy. And of course, Fall brings us Halloween!


-What is your favorite mythological creature?

Ever since I saw Hercules as a child, I’ve always thought the Lernaean Hydra is one of the coolest creatures. But if I could choose a creature that only exists in the Harry Potter world though, it would be a Thestral. I know that’s not a ‘real mythological creature’, but I really love Thestrals. They are beautiful and magnificent. I’m sorry I can never just pick one thing! 



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