Review: Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
This is a lgbtq+ romance that follows Riya and Courtney, two former best friends who haven’t heard from each other in years. That all changes when Riya moves and is forced to go to summer camp, where Courtney is the queen bee. We follow them as they tackle the reason why they lost touch and everything that comes after it.
Riya is considered a ‘jock’ since she plays volleyball and wants to go into sports medicine. Her life as an ‘out’ teen has been more flawless than not. I loved the friendships she made in summer camp. The supportive characters were as enjoyable as the main characters.

Keeping Her Secret2 date
In comes Courtney, a popular girl that is struggling to come to terms with her sexuality for many reasons. I really liked and respected Riya but that wasn’t the same case with Courtney, at least, not always. I wanted to shake some sense into her more often than not. Riya didn’t deserve the way she was treated but in the end, I respected how far Courtney came from the beginning of the story.

Keeping Her Secret3 date
I honestly loved her twin brother to the moon and back! He was my favorite character in the entire book and his love life made me feel like a proud parent. I love him, not romantically, but as a brother. He was incredible and so supportive of both girls… I kept wishing I could hug him every time he did something that made me tear up. He had a heart of gold and everybody needs to have someone like him in their lives.
All and all, this book was an easy read and I loved the addition of the epilogue. It’s something I was hoping the author would do and she did!

3/5 stars.


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