ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Hailee Newton (@Haibooklovers)!


Name: Hailee Newton

Age: Twenty-(mumblesevenmumble)

Birthday: June 1



-How do you edit your pictures?

I actually take all of my photos with my DSLR camera (Canon Rebel t5i), and then edit them on my laptop.  Seems a bit silly to put forth so much effort, but the entire reason I got into bookstagram was to practice my photography, and the books just happened to be my most accessible subject matter! I use the PicMonkey photo editor to play around with cropping, exposure, color saturation, contrast and the like.  I love it because it’s easy to use but also allows me to really make my photos special.  Once I’ve got the photo looking the way I want it, I add my watermark and then use a custom filter that’s sort of antique-y.  Because that’s totally a useful way to describe it. Be sure to keep an eye out for a blog post on editing photos that’ll be here soon!


-Who has supported you the most in your journey? 

When I first got the idea to start bookstagram (just about a year ago), my friend (she’s really my person, a la Grey’s Anatomy) Marge was such a huge supporter!  She knows how much I love to read and how interested in photography I am, so she absolutely encouraged me to not only take the photos, but maybe to also start a blog, try booktube, and really get into actually reviewing books.  She’s still the person I go to when I can’t decide which photo I want to use or what idea I should try.  Love her to death.

But then I’ve also met so many incredible people through bookstagram!  Annette (@booknerderie) and Sarah (@newleafwriter) are my homeskillets and I am so wildly lucky to have been able to meet them in person and share my crazy with them.


-If you could switch places with a character, who would it be? Why?

Ok, this one is difficult.  All of them? Yes, please. Ugh, but if I had to only pick one?  Feyre. And not just because of Rhys (but let’s be real, that’s still a significant motivator), but because her journey is incredible.  She’s so determined, and loyal, and just an overall badass. And the world that she gets to live in – while brutal and sometimes heartless – is a thing of beauty. Plus I’d like to be able to shape-shift.  That’d be great.  Somebody get on that please.


-Have you gone to a book event? How many?

I’ve only ever been to one!  I went to BookCon in Chicago this year and it was INCREDIBLE. The authors, the fellow booklovers, the swag, the panels…absolute perfection.  Next year I plan on going to BEA in NYC, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there! 


-What super power would you like to have?

Flight.  FO SHO.  Almost all of the dreams I remember having are of me being able to fly.  It’s just totally unacceptable that I can’t fly.


-What is your favorite hobby besides reading?

Adventuring!  Traveling, skydiving, cliff-jumping, roller coasters, basically all of the adrenaline.  I don’t believe it’s an adventure unless there’s a possibility for scarring. Weird, but there it is.


-Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?

Can I say all of them?  Yes.  All of them.  As cliché as it is, my favorite has always been Belle.  There’s the one song towards the beginning: “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” That’s always stuck with me (not only because it was my first tattoo).  And her way to experience adventure was through books…which is something I think we can all relate to.


-If you had a spirit animal, which would it be? Why?

A wolf.  My favorite book as a kid was Julie of the Wolves (Eskimo girl runs away from home and is essentially adopted by a wolf pack), and I’ve always thought wolves were the most beautiful creatures.  The pack hierarchy and mentality has always fascinated me – I’ve always seen them as fierce, but also playful and independent and free.


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[Email: thiskidlovesbooks@gmail.com]


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