Review: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova & Giveaway!


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
“Like a shadow, she crept across the land. Like a weed, she took hold and grew.”
This was my first read by Zoraida and I was really impressed! She created a world that I found myself obsessing over and wanting be transported into as soon as possible. She also created some characters that I will sooner forget my own name before I forget them. I went into this beauty completely blind and almost immediately formed a personal connection to it. It spoke to my bilingual soul (Spanish was the first language I spoke) which sadly, doesn’t happen as often as I wished it did with most books.
This book follows Alejandra, a Bruja who hates magic and thinks nothing good can come of it. We follow her as she tries to take matters into her own hands therefore setting motion to events she could never imagine. I absolutely loved witnessing her character development and her overwhelming loyalty towards her family. She tried to right a wrong she made and that will always generate respect points from me. Also, I am madly in love with her power… If I could inherit it in the near future, that would be really nice.
The side characters were also pretty fantastically thought out. I really liked witnessing Alex’s relationships with everyone around her change and grow in many different ways.
This story is told in three parts and honestly, the format NetGalley sent me made my Kindle go haywire. The way the parts were divided in the file were too much for it to handle, I guess. I don’t honestly know. Unfortunately, this really impacted my reading experience since I had to set it aside numerous times and let it unfreeze itself. Due to this, I had to also download the map onto my phone since it was all blown up and I couldn’t see it. But let me just say, the map is just gorgeous! If I didn’t want to visit the world before, that map would have made up my mind. I really need to buy the book already just so I can stare at it as long as I want and go back to some of my favorite parts.
There were some twists and turns that I, never in a million years, would’ve thought to watch out for and caught me by complete surprise. I was forced to leave the book aside for a while because I was that livid. For a moment there I was pulled into Alex’s shoes and felt exactly what she was feeling. Which, was not a nice feeling to start with.
One comment I have is that I thought the problem was resolved too easily in the end. It was okay but I wish it would have been… more. It didn’t make me love the book any less but it didn’t make me fall in love with it either. But, I enjoyed it nonetheless so that’s what matters most. I can’t wait to read more from this beautiful and diverse world, especially after that cliffhanger!!!!!
And I leave you with a quote that gave me chills and left me quite speechless for a while:
“I’m sure you’ll look beautiful surrounded by your dead.”
(If somebody whispered that to me, I would honestly faceplant not even a second later.)

4.5/5 stars!




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