ICYMI Author Spotlight: Alice Rachel!

Name: Alice Rachel
Genre/s you write: YA Dystopian Romance/Forbidden Romance
Birthday: 9 October
Number of books out: 5 (If I count the short stories)


-What part of the writing process comes easy to you? Which part is difficult?
It’s easier for me to write the emotional and romantic scenes.
The hardest part is writing the action scenes. I hate writing those and I feel like it shows in my writing.
Also, English isn’t my first language so I have difficulties with that sometimes. It truly slows down my writing process because I have to second-guess each sentence. But I’m writing faster now. 
People always ask me why I don’t write in French instead… The answer is simple: Not as many people speak French around the world, and most of my readers come from the United States, the Philippines, Pakistan, or India. Besides, I like a challenge. 🙂
-Do you have any advice for an aspiring author?
Just write what you want. Do NOT follow trends. Trends kill creativity.
Write for yourself and for your readers. Never write because you want to make money because if that’s your goal, you are in the wrong business.
Always listen to your beta readers and take their advice.
ALWAYS have someone proofread your books before publication. There will be mistakes left behind, it’s almost impossible to get every typo, but nothing screams “I don’t care about my readers” more than a book that has one typo per page.
-What genre would you love to attempt to write but are scared to?
I would like to write NA contemporary romance, but that would be really hard because I’m sure it’s really difficult to write such stories without falling into clichés that have already done and redone. Also, I don’t think I could have a book out with vivid sex scenes. There is one character in my series for whom I would like to write a NA version, but I am way too coy for that, ahah. 
Otherwise, I wish I could write sci-fi or mysteries, but those require scientific knowledge I don’t have.
-If you could switch places with one of your characters, who would it be? Why?
Oh Gosh! I wouldn’t want to be any of my characters. Their lives are truly horrid and painful!
Mmmmm oh goodness, that’s tough.
Which character has the least horrible life in my series? Mmmm…
Maybe I would want to be Narumi. She doesn’t appear until one of my upcoming stories. I would choose her because she kicks butts all the while being sensitive. She’s completely covered in gorgeous tattoos, which is something I want for myself, but will never do. And then there is another reason I can’t give because it would be a spoiler. 🙂

-Who is your main book boyfriend/girlfriend?
Gambit from X-Men
Patch from Hush Hush
Chase Martinez from Under Ground (Yes, I created him for myself. My readers know Chase is mine. I’ve created plenty of other male characters for them to choose from. =p)
-Who is your favorite fictional character? Why?
Sebastian Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments series. Because my maternal instinct wants me to protect him and take him away from his awful parents.
Frodo Baggins. Because he is selflessness personified. He is the kind of person I can only dream of being. 
-What is your favorite way to relax?
With a book and a guinea pig in my lap.
-What is your favorite movie?
Rock of Ages

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