ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Bex (@Outofthebex)!

Name: Bex
Age: 24
Birthday: March 19th


 -What is the meaning behind your username?

Look at me trying to be all punny. @outofthebex came about as a marriage between a nickname of mine, Bex, and the concept of thoughts that are ‘out of the box’. Anyone who has interacted with me, or even just read my captions, knows that my mind certainly falls under the category of ‘out of the box’. I like to think I’m weird in the best way possible. Think Luna Lovegood, or Phoebe from Friends.
-Where does your inspiration come from?
Random conversations, books, nature, nargles, and other bookish folk. Inspiration is a flighty sort of thing and surprises you at the most unexpected of times.
-What is your favorite part of running your account?
The absolute most wonderful part of having a bookstagram account is the people. In a lot of ways I feel like I have found my tribe. It’s an incredible community that I am so grateful to be a part of. I take care to answer most comments and really believe in engaging with the incredible people who have chosen to follow my posts. It’s also a perfect creative outlet for me. I look back at where I started and it’s still hard to believe I’ve come so far. My photography style has changed so much! But my captions? Those are just as delightfully weird as ever.
-Do you have any advice for an aspiring bookstagrammer? 
I think the difference between people who succeed and people who don’t, is that successful people just keep going. They don’t give up. There have been plenty of times when running my bookish account would become difficult, I would start to doubt myself, and part of me would want to give up. You have to tell that part of you to shut up. You’re already doing great. Just keep going, keep moving, keep challenging yourself. There’s always something brighter coming around the corner, you just have to keep walking toward it. If something makes you happy, don’t let it go.

-Who are your favorite female main characters?
Katniss, Matilda, Celaena Sardothien, Sarah Crewe from a Little Princess, Luna Lovegood, and Scarlet from Gone With the Wind.
-What is/are your favorite book-to-movie adaption/s?
Matilda. I’ve seen it over a hundred times. Judge me if you must.
-Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?
I can’t pick between Belle, Pocahontas, Meg, and Mulan. Man, I am really not good at picking favorites. I will say this, Snow White and I? We’re not friends.
-What are some of your favorite shows?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, and Gilmore Girls. I have seen all of these many many times all the way through. Buffy forever.

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I am 22 and love the cold (especially since my birthday is in December)! I'm fascinated by water and I have an extreme love for anything creepy! Authors, review requests are welcome! Feel free to e-mail me at Carpio_cassandra18@yahoo.com. But before you do, please make sure to read my policy. It can be found on here(: I'm excited to work with you!

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