Review: The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner


*ARC provided by St. Martin’s in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Gae and also the first book I’ve read that’s centered on the event that was 9/11.
We mostly follow Kyle, a boy who was forced to evacuate from school and sent home because of the tragic events. On his way home he stumbles upon a girl wearing white fake wings and he decides to take her home. It turns out that she had lost her memories and Kyle steps up to the plate to try and figure out who she is, where she came from. I couldn’t form any connection to the girl and I thought her story was going to go one way, but in the end it didn’t, which was a little disappointing.
Kyle was my favorite character in this story, by far. His interactions with his injured uncle were the most amazing scenes in the entire book, in my opinion. They were overflowing with love and respect from both sides that made me incredibly proud to witness. Kyle showed a maturity level not often seen in kids his age throughout the entire story. He was most definitely the rock. He has a view of life that is better than some adults and I appreciated him so much more for it. He never gave up on his uncle and that undying loyalty is something I will never forget. He has turned into a role model for me and it was a wonderful surprise. We also get to see his relationship with other members of his family evolve into something completely different due to the chaos around them and it was more than believable.
We get snippets of the girl’s POV but it took a while for me to fully embrace the format they were written in. It wasn’t really my cup of coffee although it definitely showed how jumbled her thoughts were. Another thing I had a problem wrapping my mind around was Kyle’s ‘developing’ feelings towards the girl. I didn’t really believe it at all. I have too many reasons to list and they’re mostly spoilers but I’ll just say that in order for me to believe love is in the air, I need way more proof than what I got in this story. All in all, I am definitely happy to have given this book a chance. It was out of my comfort zone a little bit but I ended up admiring the family dynamic the most.

3/5 stars.


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