YA Booktube Awards 2016 + 10 Giveaways!



Earlier last month I was contacted by Elizabeth Hebb, Booktuber and Book Blogger over at The Owlery, if I would post about the Booktube Awards she’s hosting and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! This sounds like such a fun experience opportunity for anyone involved and I’m proud to present you guys with information!

This event has been running since October 15th and there are a lot of categories to choose from so if you’d like to vote for one or vote in a title, do so before December 31! There are some amazing booktuber judges in the line up and I can’t wait to see which are the winning books!

See original blog announcement for much more information [HERE]!

Voting ends on December 31 at midnight. You can ONLY vote for YA books published between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31 of 2016!


Yes, you read that right! This event is hosting 10 different giveaways where you can win a copy of the winning books from each category!

Don’t hesitate to throw some entries in for yourself for you may walk out a winner!

Find them all [HERE]!


Since this is an award event, it wouldn’t seem fair to exclude the source where you can go vote! Below is the link where you can do just that! Make sure to vote before you enter giveaways because it’s a requisite!

Go vote [HERE]!


Check out YA Booktube Awards on [Twitter] and/or [Goodreads] for day to day updates!

And don’t forget to follow our amazing [host] and all of the judges listed in her [blog post]!


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