Review: Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas!


This was my first read by Leah Thomas and I’m happy to say that I will most definitely continue reading her novels!
This book was really slow in the first half which was the reason why it took me so long to finish it.
We follow Moritz who is a secretive soul who I didn’t really care for in the beginning but as his backstory unfolded, I was an absolute mess over. He made me cry and ache for him which led to him being my favorite character in this book. His experiences that we find out through his letters were nothing short of heartbreaking. One of those things is that he needs the help of machines in order to survive which impedes him from ever meeting Ollie.
Ollie is allergic to anything and everything with electricity. He is the type of guy that solves heartache with jokes and we witness him as he opens up about some sad things that drove him to never leave his room. His family and over all situation was also hard to witness.
This entire book is told in letters written from them to each other and it’s a treat to try and figure out what is being said and what is being kept a secret in their hearts. The things they accomplish as they become pen pals made me so unbelievably proud. We witness some growth from both of them as they manage to help each other out even with all the distance between them.
At first, I thought they were so completely different that I didn’t think their friendship would ever come to pass but Leah wove the story so beautifully that she proved me wrong in a lot of ways.
There were some things that came to pass that I wasn’t expecting but a part of me was apparently hoping for. Others, I just plainly never saw coming and left me incredibly speechless and yearning for more information. I was giddy with excitement at finding out some things these two kept buried from each other and I absolutely can’t wait to read the sequel, which thank goodness, I own! That ending was freaking adorable and I loved how it set the perfect ground for a continuation.

3.7 stars!


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