Review: The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova!!


*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*
“… If they were mad, they were mad because they kept dreaming when the rest of Loom merely slept in stasis.”
This book has been one of my MOST anticipated releases of my entire life. Not only is this Steampunk, but it is also about Dragons and Chimeras, and it is written by my author Queen! So many amazing qualities were wrapped inside of this book that I will most likely not even be able to touch base on them all. I absolutely loved how the Dragons in this story were not the norm. Forget about the picture that just popped into your head when you read that word because it most likely isn’t accurate. The Dragons in this story have as many unique qualities as your typical dragons, and so much more! I never thought I would say this but… I am madly and irrevocably in love with a Dragon. (More on that subject later on.)
This book follows 4 different characters who have their own prominent and unique voice. If you are scared that they will blend together, I am here to let you know that they don’t. Not one bit.
We have our Chimera, Arianna, or as people call her, the White Wraith. She is an infamous criminal who is in possession of the most badass weapon I’ve ever read about. She not only uses her winch box to get from place to place, but she also wields it as a weapon. Every time she did so, I couldn’t help but hearing a faint echo in my mind from when I was watching Attack on Titan. (Which, if you haven’t seen the anime yet, you should!)
Then there is Florence, who is Arianna’s pupil. She is the most lovable character ever created and I couldn’t get enough of her and her non-conforming ways.
Next in the list is Cvareh, a Dragon with a sense of style who stole my heart even before I cracked this book open. I had to actively keep myself from swooning at every sight and line I read of him.
Last but not least, is Leona. The villain in the story who is unforgiving and tremendously loyal. Even though her loyalties were on the wrong side, I found myself respecting the entirety of what she stood for. I couldn’t help but cheer her on at times and was just awed at how unapologetic she was. This is one of the few rare books where the villain has sparked such positive feelings inside of me and I think it’s safe to say that I have found one of my favorite villains of all time!
I admired all of these characters to no end and in different ways. Each one had their very own purpose that they were fighting for and they were nothing short of warriors. I loved how even though they were strong individuals, they still managed to learn from each other. Their character developments have, and are, outstanding. We still have some ways to go in some departments but I can NOT wait to be reintroduced to these characters and this magnificent world. I also can’t wait to meet new characters!
This novel started right into the action, sucking me in from the very first word. This is one of the books where every page is outrageously better than the last; I couldn’t put it down to save my life. It was suspenseful, with a dash of romance, and so many perfect quotes that had me bawling. The ending was perfect and fierce. This book left me unbelievably giddy and proud with a resonating fulfillment to the core. My expectations were met and thrown out the window with such force that it made me look lame. I bow down to my Queen Elise for having birthed such an unforgettable novel, yet again.

6/5 stars!


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