Review: Yours to Bare by Jessica Hawkins!


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“… I might forget how it feels to lose what was never mine to begin with.”
I’ve been waiting for this book for so long that it still hasn’t dawned on me that I have finished it. I always mention that I would love a sequel written in a particular male’s perspective and this time Jessica granted my wish! I couldn’t be any more thankful to her!
This book follows Finn and the aftermath that took place in Slip of the Tongue. I won’t go into much detail since it will spoil both of the books for you. But if you read the synopsis, then you might have already spoiled yourself anyway.
As soon as I met Finn in SOTT, I was a complete goner. I grew obsessed and wanted an entire book (maybe even a library) with his story, which is where this book comes in. It was so much more than I expected and I couldn’t handle it all. I thought I was ready but I soon found out that I wasn’t. I was blown away by the perfection that is Jessica’s mind. She flawlessly captures your heart and soul so you feel everything the characters are feeling down to your core. This book more than surpassed intense and sexy and is on a whole new level in its own. It broke my heart time and time again since I took Finn’s pain personally. The angst!!! Jessica knows how to turn up the heat with every word and get your heart palpitating out of your chest until you just give in. It’s addicting and you won’t want to do anything else but devour and savor every single word.
I absolutely loved our female protagonist. My heart went out to her and my respect for her grew to immense proportions. I loved what these two brought out of each other. They understood one other even before one uttered a word, and that is the epitome of a perfect pairing. They came into each other’s lives at the perfect moment and they were each different to what they were used to. The perfection of it all ripped ugly sobs from me and the raw feelings are still so intense, it feels like I just finished reading this minutes ago.
Anyway, I loved how this story captured the reality of how the internet changes our lives, even relationships, nowadays. Not only could I fully understand the heart of the characters, but also the world around them.
This book brought me out of an intense slump and I love Jessica even more for doing so. I could go on for years about how precious story this was to me but I’ll cut it short. If you haven’t read anything by Jessica, please start asap. I gave her my heart in a platter as soon as SOTT made it into my hands and I’m letting her keep it. You will do the same, I know it.

5/5 stars!


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