Review: The Billionaires by Calista Fox


*ARC provided by St. Martin’s in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Calista and I was sad to find out that it might not have been the best one to start with. I am always intrigued by taboo subjects which is why this was a very anticipating read for me.
We follow Jewel, Rogen, and Vin, a trio of billionaires with a rocky past of relationships and family drama. Both men are in love with Jewel and vice versa, which is where the taboo comes in. As much as I appreciated the sexier plot in the novel, I couldn’t really focus on the rest of the plot lines. I felt like Jewel didn’t have that special ‘umph’ when it comes to a main character. Rogen and Vin were easily distinguishable but they weren’t much better than her. Except for Vin. He’s a book nerd so our kindred spirits definitely had me gravitating towards him the most.
What I loved about the two men was the friendship between them. It was definitely tested and I enjoyed witnessing their reactions towards it all. Their loyalty and love for Jewel knew no bounds and it all had me in awe. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for her and it warmed me up inside. It made me respect them as the men they were and it was a much needed plus. Even though I have many negative things to say, I can’t wait to follow along with their story throughout the series and see where they end up.
Unfortunately, a lot that happened in the story that should have shocked me, didn’t even faze me. I felt like the plot line was moving too quickly and it restricted me from actually caring for it. Some things were resolved/done too easily so the believable aspect of the story was very much lacking as well.
With all that said, I am still more than curious about the lives of some side characters so I will most definitely be reading the rest of the books!

3/5 stars