(Belated) Release Blitz & Review: Enforcer by Katana Collins!

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Title: Enforcer

Series: Harrison Street Crew #3

Author: Katana Collins

Genre: Gritty Erotic Romance Standalone

Release Date: June 6, 2017


Enforcer Teaser 2

Worse than bad. Hotter than hot. These are the bad boys of the Harrison Street Crew, and they answer to no one. They take what they want. And what they want is you.

Ryan Gallagher is the one who does the dirty work. The brute force in the Harrison Street Crew, he lives to have the club all for his own one day. But the one thing he can’t have is Megan Mahoney—the one woman he’s loved since she was a teenager who needed saving.

Megan never forgot the all-consuming passion she felt for Ryan, her larger-than-life, wild teenage love. But coming from a hard, shocking past has left her broken and scared—and untrusting of the Harrison Street Crew. Ten years later, she’s back in Ryan’s world to claim a promise he made to her years ago. And even though she knows she shouldn’t fall for him, Ryan still has an explosive, sensual pull on her that she can’t ignore.

Ryan’s powerful love for Megan is the only thing that could ever soothe the tempestuous beast that roars in his soul. And when she comes back to him to aid her in a dangerous quest—a deadly revenge plot he swore he would be a part of years ago—Ryan can’t say no. He lives to protect this woman. He will die loving this woman. And as the stakes get higher, the love that they have kept hidden all these years explodes and goes further and deeper than either of them expected. But with a dark threat from Megan’s past thrust headlong into their lives, can their love win out?

Ryan Gallagher



Enforcer Ebook Cover

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
I already lost count of how many reviews I’ve written for Katana but all I know is that this won’t be my last. Enforcer is the third installment in one of my favorite series ever. Each installment follows a different romantic duo in the lives of the Harrison Street Crew (run by the sexiest men ever), while at the same time, delving deeper into one of the most suspenseful and intricate plots I’ve ever stumbled upon.
I was already shredded to the core soon after reading the beautiful dedication for this book. It hit deep and I had to take a moment to compose myself before continuing on. I want to take a moment to say that this book touches upon some dark and twisted subjects so I classify this as a TRIGGER WARNING.
This book follows Ryan, a dark, sexy, lethal crew member, and Megan, the daughter of his father figure. Megan has officially become one of my favorite female characters of ALL time. Her childhood was the worst thing you could possibly imagine, yet she didn’t let that break her. She made life her b**** and there wasn’t an ounce of her that was sorry about it. I loved seeing her journey in becoming a woman and her relationship with Ryan develop. They both have some character developments that left me fulfilled and proud.
One of my favorite things to witness in this series is how all of these characters are tied together. Sometimes I can never see their connections coming and I live for the ultimate reveal. I know this is something we all do with every book we read but I feel like Katana brings it out of me the most. I usually only care about the 2 main characters but in this series, EVERY single side character has a major role to play and, excluding the bad guys, I found myself treasuring each and every one. The magic of Katana is that if I ever find a character I am not passionate about, she completely changes my mind about them in the next installment. I love it when an author changes my mind or proves me wrong so thank you, Katana!
Collins is a mastermind when it comes to creating delicious men and plots to drool over. This wonderful novel tore massive laughs out of me while the sexual tension drove me off the wall. It lifted me up more than it tore me down so it’s a close 5 star!
The only negative comment I have was that I saw most of the things coming at the end. Either way, it didn’t steal away from the deep affection I have for every single character Katana chooses to explore and share with us. I can’t choose a favorite couple or novel of Katana’s so I won’t even try to. Also, the very last chapter was the most perfect thing I’ve ever read and it made me feel warm and bubbly inside as I melted with jealousy that it didn’t happen to me. I can’t wait for the next HSC novel!

4.8/5 stars


Enforcer Teaser 3

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 Ex-Con 3D Cover

#1 Ex-Con 

Ex-convict Shane McGill is as rugged and wild as they come. Bad to the bone and back on the streets, he’ll do anything and say anything to survive. Even if that something means joining the one car club he had worked so hard to avoid. But there’s one person out there who can match him toe-to-toe…the hot mechanic pin-up doll of a woman with the body of a goddess and tomboy attitude would even give him a chance.

Shane McGill

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 Outlaw 3D Cover

#2 Outlaw

Patrick Flanagan lives outside the law. The cops don’t like him. The law doesn’t trust him. He may come at you with a charm and a handsome smile, but make no mistake—he’s as reckless and bad as they come. But when a total bombshell with stilettos and a power suit comes blazing into his life, this bad boy is about to be so, so good…

Patrick Flanagan

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 Katana Collins

When Katana Collins was younger and stole her mother’s Harlequins to read beneath the covers with a flashlight, she wanted to read about the tough as nails heroine. The perfectly imperfect girl with quirks and attitude and sass. And the anti-heroes who were anything but “Prince Charming.” Forget the knight on a white horse… she wanted the bad boy on a motorcycle.

So, now, she writes those romance novels she craved to see on the shelves all those years ago—the sassy heroines. The badass heroes. She penned her first romance novel back in 2012 and now, a few years later, she is an international author with 15 published books, in a wide range of contemporary romance genres (Paranormal, New Adult, Small town, Erotic Suspense… you name it!).

She lives in Portland, Maine, with an ever-growing brood of rescue animals: a kind of mean cat, a very mellow chihuahua, and a very not mellow lab puppy… oh yeah, there’s a husband somewhere in that mix, too. She can usually be found hunched over her laptop in a cafe, guzzling gallons of coffee, and wearing fabulous (albeit sometimes impractical) shoes.

She loves connecting with book lovers like herself, and fellow sassy storytellers, so feel free to drop her an email, visit her on her website: www.katanacollins.com Or connect on Instagram/Twitter (@katanacollins) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/katanacollins)!



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I am 22 and love the cold (especially since my birthday is in December)! I'm fascinated by water and I have an extreme love for anything creepy! Authors, review requests are welcome! Feel free to e-mail me at Carpio_cassandra18@yahoo.com. But before you do, please make sure to read my policy. It can be found on here(: I'm excited to work with you!

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