Release Day Blitz & Review: Center of Gravity by K.K. Allen!





Center of Gravity, an all-new standalone emotional, Forbidden Sports Romance by K.K. Allen is NOW AVAILABLE!



I came to L.A. with dreams bigger than me.
To learn from the best choreographers in the business and secure a professional dance gig working for Hollywood’s elite.
Everything was going according to plan—until I was literally shoved into the arms of the one man who could make or break my career.
Come to find out, it wasn’t my career I had to worry about.
It was my heart.

Everything about Alexandra “Lex” Quinn screamed amateur, save for the way she moved across the dance floor.
She was athleticism and grace, precision and passion, and she had a stage presence I couldn’t tear my eyes from.
I wanted her…on my team, in my bed.
There was only one problem…
I couldn’t have both.



*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
TW: sexual assault, car accident, ptsd
“He was my preacher, and I was his loyal disciple, two seconds away from worship.”
K.K. Allen is one of my absolute favorite authors when it comes to romances and every book she releases only drives that home further. I have missed her writing so much that it literally felt like a huge part was missing from my life. She weaves such a magnificent web of emotions that I know I will fall in love with her characters no matter who they are. This book was no exception. I haven’t been in such an epic emotional rollercoaster in a long time. Center of Gravity has become one of my absolute favorite novels not just from K.K. but in general.
We follow, Lex, who is a magnificent dancer with high hopes for her career. She’s part of a dancing company with her best friend after leaving her entire life behind to chase her dreams. I fell for Lex from the start. I loved the way she carried herself and how despite her nerves and fear, she didn’t let that stop her from taking opportunities head on. She was such a marvelous character that it made me sad to know I can’t befriend her in the real world. Her character development was so satisfying that I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

I related to Lex’s experiences in such a personal level that it hurt to keep reading at times but I never wanted to stop. I’ve experienced some of the things she has myself and it felt like K.K. wrote this book just for me… even though I know she didn’t. This novel was quite triggering to me since I was just in a car accident so when I read about it, I knew exactly how Lex felt. It’s one of the most traumatizing experiences anyone can ever experience and I know I will be healing from it, both physically and mentally, for a long time yet, just like Lex.
This book also follows Theo, a famous choreographer who Lex has looked up to for what feels like forever. I absolutely loved Theo and his character development. He was so sweet and thoughtful that I couldn’t get enough of him. Of course, some of that was because he was extremely hot. Boy, Lex is such a lucky girl to have him. I would definitely be a super fan of his if I had the pleasure of watching him dance the way she does. I don’t know how she never fainted since I know I would have every single time he moved. It took me a little bit to fall for Theo the way I did but I ended up rooting for these two to get together so hard that I think I got lightheaded a few times from it.
This book came to me at the most perfect time ’cause I’ve been obsessed with watching dance videos on YouTube and Instagram for a while now. Thanks to this I was able to picture the dancing in my head perfectly. The good thing is that K.K. Allen includes links to dancing videos that relate to the current scene so anyone can picture the dancing themselves too.

I’ve always loved dancing but this novel has made me yearn to join a dancing company so I can maybe find my potential special someone in it.
Anyway, K.K. Allen always gives me hope with every novel she writes and I am grateful to be able to read them.
4.5/5 stars!



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K.K. Allen is an award-winning Contemporary Romance author, University of Washington Alumni, and Seattle Seahawk fan!!

K.K.’s debut romance novel, Up in the Treehouse, was named the Best New Adult Book of the Year by RT Book Reviews, an honor beyond belief! Named the Queen of Angst by her readers, K.K. promises to take your emotions on an epic ride every single time with very real, coming of age romance stories.

At age twelve, K.K. picked up a pen and wrote her first novel, a YA rock star romance that will never see the light of day 🙂 She continued filling notebooks until she was finally ready to share her work with the world.

K.K. currently lives in central Florida with her son, works full time as a Digital Producer by day, and writes every other waking hour.



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Review: The Raging Ones by Krista & Becca Ritchie!


*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*
“I only have so much time to live, so why waste it on a history that won’t be mine for long?”
This was my first novel by Krista and Becca and I can’t wait to read more from them. This was their first young adult novel and I am absolutely obsessed with their writing now. Sci-fi is a genre that I try to avoid at all costs but something about this novel intrigued me so much that I threw my doubts out the window and dived in. Let me tell you, I am so happy I decided to trust my instincts because I am now completely enamored with this world and the characters these authors have created.
This book was like nothing I’ve ever read before. In this futuristic world, you are classified as one of three things as soon as you’re born: If you’re a Babe, then that means you will die between infancy and 12 years old. If you’re a Fast-Tracker, it means that you will die between the ages of 13 and 19. If you’re an Influencer, then that means you will die past 30 years of age. It was such a breath of fresh air that I never knew I was yearning for. I’ve been battling the worst slump for months but this book took me back to the start and showed me just how much I adore experiencing new lives through characters. I loved how Krista and Becca didn’t shy away from showing us just how brutal and unforgiving this world could get but it does warrant a trigger warning for assault.
This book follows three different point of views that I grew attached to almost immediately. We follow Franny, a Fast-Tracker who is about to die soon; Mykal, a Hinterlander who is the most comfortable hunting game than in luxury; and Court, who is another Fast-Tracker and an eternal well of secrets.
These three characters couldn’t be any more different from each other but I loved how they didn’t let that get in the way from the unique bond they shared. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite between them. They all won me over in their own way and I feel like an over-protective mother now. I want to gather them in my arms and let them know that they deserve all the love in the world. Their backstories were so unique and new to me that I treasured every chance I got to learn more about them.
This book brought out so many emotions from me, that I was overwhelmingly exhausted by the time I read the last word. From being giddy at the affection between these three characters (and between two in particular) to being scared for their lives, to being wary of everyone else, and so on. I experienced it all as I struggled to blink in fear of missing one second of their lives. Those last few pages ripped me apart more than a few times and I don’t even know how I am sane enough to write this all down.
I need the next book now! I need to know that my babies will be okay. I haven’t fallen this hard for a fictional character, let alone three, in a long time. I felt like we didn’t even have enough time together since I read it way too fast. I think that it goes without saying that the sequel is now one of my most anticipated releases. After going back and rereading the prologue, my heart has shattered all over again. I am way too scared of what’s going to happen next but I need to know nonetheless.
The only other thing I have left to say is that I felt like most of the book’s pace was pretty slow but I’m just glad that it never seemed to impact my ever-growing obsession with devouring every word. Krista & Becca have officially recruited me to their corner and I have no plans of leaving it.

5/5 stars!

Cover Reveal: Hinder by Kacey Shea!


HINDER by Kacey Shea
Cover design: Cover Me Darling
Photography: Wander Aguiar
Date: Coming August 16!


Leighton Wellington has it all. Born with a silver spoon and a career mapped for success, he can’t fail. But Leighton dreams of ditching everything for a life of rock and roll. A little eavesdropping and a tiny bit of blackmail scores him the role as drummer for rock sensation Three Ugly Guys. The gig couldn’t get any sweeter.

That is, until the gorgeous, innocent assistant joins the tour.

Opal Evans can’t escape her past, but she can run from the small town she’s called home. In a group of rock stars, she discovers an idea of family she’s never known. But the secrets she must guard could break even the strongest of wills—especially with how paparazzi circle like vultures.

In Leighton she recognizes a kindred spirit, as well as someone willing to bend the rules. But as things spin out of control her relationship with Leighton could hinder his newfound fame. Can she keep things casual when her heart screams for more?

HINDER is the third Off Track Records novel, but can be read as a standalone.




Trent Donavan is the golden boy of the rock world. As lead singer of Three Ugly Guys, he’s every fangirl’s dream, and with his newfound fame the women flow as readily as alcohol and drugs. There’s no doubt women are Trent’s preferred indulgence after a successful show.

That is, until the feisty little blonde joins the tour.

Lexi Marx loves music. It runs in her blood and flows through her soul. As the illegitimate daughter of a rock legend, she’s determined to make it in the music industry on talent alone. So when her agent scores her the opening act gig for the next 3UG tour it seems her hard work, hopes, and dreams have finally come to fruition.

Until she spends time with the band. More accurately, Trent Donovan. She’d feel better if that arrogant manwhore of a lead singer would stop hitting on her with his dreamy eyes, witty comebacks, and voice that melts the most jagged of hearts.

But Trent is determined to prove to Lexi he’s not such a bad guy, and as music binds their friendship, Lexi’s left with the most confusing of emotions. Could this be love or an uninvited distraction? She can still have it all, if only her heart doesn’t lead her off track.

[My review for Detour!]


Sean Willis knows the difference between right and wrong. Sure, the bass player of Three Ugly Guys has made his share of mistakes, but when push comes to shove, Sean always chooses the high road. Now, even when things are unraveling with the band, he’s the voice of reason.

Until Jess.

She’s the only thing he’s ever wanted and couldn’t have. Not only is she his new roommate, but her boyfriend is the newest addition to 3UG. She’s more than off limits, she’s a temptress with her unaltered beauty and gentle spirit.

Jessica Moore has never been the center of anyone’s world. In fact, she’s familiar with being forgotten. Not too tall, not too pretty, not too smart; she’s just Jess. No stranger to scraping by for survival, she finds shelter in Coy Wright, a musician with dreams bigger than life. But when Coy skyrockets to stardom, Jess is thrust into a world in which she doesn’t belong.

That is, until she discovers an unexpected friendship. Sean treats Jess as someone special, important, and worthy of love. The feelings and desires he stirs within are dangerous, because despite Sean’s kindness and affection, she’s forever loyal to Coy.

What happens when doing the wrong thing feels right?

Jess and Sean’s friendship is put to the test, along with alliances in the band. Is love enough to derail their best laid plans, or will selfishness throw everyone’s success off track?

DERAILED can be read as a standalone or begin with Trent’s story in DETOUR.

[My review for Derailed!]

Review: Scream All Night by Derek Milman


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
Trigger warnings: abuse, mental illness
This was Derek’s debut novel and the premise behind this was like nothing I’ve heard or read before. This made me super excited from the moment I was asked to review it and I couldn’t wait to dive in!
This book is split into 3 parts and it follows Dario, who has been emancipated due to a dark upbringing. He now lives in a group home with his roommate Jude, who I couldn’t get enough of. Jude was definitely my favorite character in this novel, besides Dario. My heart went out to Dario over and over again as we found out more about his childhood. Being in his head was such a unique experience that I know it will take a long time for me to stop thinking about him. I formed a connection to him early on due to the distance and wariness between him and his family. Given, my family isn’t as abusive as his but abuse can come in many different ways and I understood Dario’s pain a little too much.
We follow him as he gets a phone call from his brother, inviting him to attend their father’s live funeral even though he swore never to go back. I’ve never read a book that started the way this one did and I couldn’t have been more intrigued. This also ensues memories from the past, including of an old flame, Hayley, that now lives at his house.
Dario’s father is a director of horror films that have gained a cult following and the best part is that they are filmed at the castle that Dario grew up in. They transform the rooms into movie sets for whatever they are filming at the time and it was a treat to read about. Derek’s descriptions spoke to my dark-loving soul and I never wanted to be inside a novel as much as I wanted to be inside this one.
Dario and Hayley were okay together but I thought they were a lot more interesting apart from each other. It makes me sad whenever the romance in a novel isn’t up to par with my expectations but I felt like I was missing a lot of their story which prevented me from feeling strongly about them as an item. I know this isn’t a romance but I would still like to believe that there are romantic feelings between two characters that are supposed to be in love.
I absolutely loved the humor in this novel,. (Most of it brought on by Jude.) It had a dark atmosphere most of the time but the humor wasn’t forced or excessive so it was easy to digest. It got crude at times, which I didn’t like, but I learned to tune it out.
The reason I didn’t give this 4 stars was that I didn’t get sucked into the story until after the halfway point. I struggled a lot in the beginning but either way, I will be on the lookout for more books from Derek for sure.
3.5/5 stars.

Review: Monstress Vol. #1 by Marjorie M. Liu


I don’t really have much to say about this novel except that the art style was PHENOMENAL and the story line is so intriguing! It’s perfectly gory and brutal. I am still a bit confused with the story but I hope I can understand it more as I continue reading it. It was definitely the quick read I needed at the moment! If you don’t mind your reads with crude language and violence, definitely read this! Almost every character that’s introduced is as intriguing, or more, as the last.
I can’t wait to move on to Volume 2!

4.5/5 stars!

Review: All Summer Long by Hope Larson


*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first Larson novel and I wouldn’t mind reading more from her, especially if it followed these characters. This was a quirky middle grade novel that focused on the summer between two best friends who had to spend it apart. We only see them together a few times which I didn’t like. I wanted to see more of their friendship and interactions but my prayers weren’t answered. I felt like I was just supposed to believe they were the best of friends without being given anything to prove that point. I also felt weird reading this and had a hard time navigating in the beginning. I felt like I had stumbled in the middle of something as if it were a sequel? I still don’t know if it’s true or not. Either way, it was quick to get through and it was what I was really looking for at the moment.
The main character and her best friend definitely held my interest but other than that, I didn’t care about the rest of the characters.

2/5 stars