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Allyson, @Inthestyleofbooks




December 28 1986

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What is the meaning behind your username?

My username is Inthestyleofbooks which was a marriage of two things I love, books and style. I wanted to incorporate book life with fashion and lifestyle. Hence, in the style of books which is also the name of my blog that I just put into action.


Why did you choose to start your account?

I have always loved books and wanted to share that passion with the world. My ultimate goal is to encourage reading to become a common aspect in everyone’s lives. I feel like books provide so much to support our growth and happiness. They can guide you through a difficult time in life or open up your mind to the world. I love the vastness of what books can do for our society, for people. So, by joining lifestyle and books I hope to inspire those who do not adore books as much as I do, to at least consider what reading can add to their life.


What do you usually do when you’re not taking pictures, besides reading?

I am usually spending time with my girlfriend, we love to travel and experience new things/places. If not that, then I am doing loads of school work in order to get an English degree. My goal is to master in English and to teach and write. I also love writing, so whether it is for school or hobby, I am always writing something.

Do you plan on becoming an author in the future?
Absolutely, yes! I want to write mostly adventure and sci-fi books. I had to put off my writing for now because of school and other life events that occurred at the same time. Life became quite hectic and I want to be able to put my all into this project. I have had the idea for a book in my head for a few years now. I already wrote an outline and got down all of my ideas onto paper. I am hoping to start the actual writing process this year. The book would be a LGBTQ themed, set in two future worlds. That’s all I can say for now. 😉

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 Who are your favorite female main characters?

Saba from the “Dust Lands” trilogy, Rhoma Grace from the “Zodiac” series, Princess Amaranthine from “Of Fire and Stars”, Karou from the “Daughter of Smoke and Bones” series, and Tessa Gray from “The Infernal Devices” series

Who are your favorite male main characters?

Magnus Bane from almost all of Cassandra Clare’s series, Patch from the “Hush, Hush” series, Benny Imura from the “Rot and Ruin” series, Peeta from “The Hunger Games” series, and Rowan from “Scythe”


Who is your favorite well-known author?

THIS is a difficult question that can only have multiple answers. My answer is Cassandra Clare, Alexandra Bracken, Neal Shusterman, Romina Russell, and Stephen King.

What book/s are you reading now?

“Furyborn” by Claire Legrand and “The Illuminae Files” by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.



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