Release Day Blitz & Review: To Nurture & Kill by E.M. Markoff!


Title: To Nurture & Kill

Series: Ellderet Tale, #1

Author: E.M. Markoff

Audience: Adult

Genre: Epic Dark Fantasy

Formarts: E-Book and Paperback

Cover Artwork: [Pink Pigeon Studio]

Release Date: April 22, 2017

To Nurture & Kill Synopsis:


Eutau Vidal owed nothing to anyone and lived his life as he wanted. But then his sister died, leaving her newborn son Kira in his care, and everything changed. The Purging sweeps on, spreading misery across the Land of Moenda as the Ascendancy wages its war of extermination against the Deadbringers. Now, torn between a promise to his dying sister and the desire to regain his freedom, Eutau struggles to care for his young nephew even as the babe begins to manifest dark powers of the most dangerous kind.

To Nurture & Kill is a tale of love and loss, the story of one man’s search for meaning amid the ashes of war. It is a standalone prequel to The Deadbringer, the first book in The Ellderet Series.



*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was my second read by Markoff and I just can’t believe such a short thing made as much damage to my being as it did. It was captivating from the very first page and it managed to do the unthinkable: It made me forget about ACOTAR/ACOMAF as I read it. (I haven’t been able to read anything due to the release of ACOWAR that has me thinking about nothing else.) Markoff has what feels like an effortless ability to help you immerse yourself in her words, and nothing else. It also made me realize just how much I missed Markoff’s ruthless world and incredibly badass characters.
This novella follows Kira’s uncle, Eutau, who I’ve grown to love even more (and hate at times) thanks to this. We see a character development in him that had me tearing up at so many places from the overwhelming pride that invaded every part of me. There were a bunch of times where I just wanted to hug him and let him know he was not alone.
I always love a guy’s POV, especially when there is a baby in the mix. Because of that, this plot line made me super happy to explore. I also can’t praise Markoff enough for the subtle diversity she incorporated into it. It wasn’t shouting at my face at every turn, it was just a fact, and we easily moved on with the plot. In my opinion, this is EXACTLY what all authors should do when it comes to diversity, instead of having it be the main focus. It should be treated as a normality, because that’s what it is… I am forever grateful for this, Eileen!
Anyway, back to a lighter topic: I can’t believe Kira’s power still manages to amaze me with every glance I get of it. I want it all for myself but I guess I can live vicariously through him. I grew even more protective of these two than I already was from The Deadbringer.
This novella is divided into three parts and I was crying like an inconsolable baby as soon as that third one slapped me in the face.
This title is, by far, one of my absolute favorites! Markoff can do no wrong and I will recommend her words forever! (I’ll just have Kira bring me back from the dead so I can fulfill my promise.) I can’t wait for the next installment of this amazing world!

5/5 stars!


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To Nurture & Kill YouTube Playlist:

(A note from the author) Music is dear to me. Just like I can’t imagine a life without books, I can’t imagine a life without music. It motivates me in so many ways, and it is vital to my writing since it helps set the mood and excites the writing muse. The songs chosen for the To Nurture & Kill playlist were what I listened to over and over again as I wrote. The songs are in order and can be played while reading. Or read the book first and then listen to the playlist and have fun assigning the song to the story 😉

To Nurture & Kill Playlist:


Author Bio:


E.M. Markoff is a Latina writer who was raised on a steady diet of Mexican folklore, anime, Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe films, and unrestricted access to comics and books. Growing up, she spent many days exploring her hometown cemetery, where her love of all things dark began.

Upon coming of age, she decided to pursue a career as a microbiologist, where she spent a few years channeling her inner mad scientist. Despite enjoying her time in a lab coat, she always had a love of writing short stories and so, one day, she set the first word to paper and never looked back.

Currently, with the aid of her feline companion, she is working on the second novel in The Ellderet Series.

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Review: The Billionaires by Calista Fox


*ARC provided by St. Martin’s in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Calista and I was sad to find out that it might not have been the best one to start with. I am always intrigued by taboo subjects which is why this was a very anticipating read for me.
We follow Jewel, Rogen, and Vin, a trio of billionaires with a rocky past of relationships and family drama. Both men are in love with Jewel and vice versa, which is where the taboo comes in. As much as I appreciated the sexier plot in the novel, I couldn’t really focus on the rest of the plot lines. I felt like Jewel didn’t have that special ‘umph’ when it comes to a main character. Rogen and Vin were easily distinguishable but they weren’t much better than her. Except for Vin. He’s a book nerd so our kindred spirits definitely had me gravitating towards him the most.
What I loved about the two men was the friendship between them. It was definitely tested and I enjoyed witnessing their reactions towards it all. Their loyalty and love for Jewel knew no bounds and it all had me in awe. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for her and it warmed me up inside. It made me respect them as the men they were and it was a much needed plus. Even though I have many negative things to say, I can’t wait to follow along with their story throughout the series and see where they end up.
Unfortunately, a lot that happened in the story that should have shocked me, didn’t even faze me. I felt like the plot line was moving too quickly and it restricted me from actually caring for it. Some things were resolved/done too easily so the believable aspect of the story was very much lacking as well.
With all that said, I am still more than curious about the lives of some side characters so I will most definitely be reading the rest of the books!

3/5 stars

Review: The Animal Under the Fur by E.J. Mellow!


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This book follows Nashville, an A+ human with enhanced abilities, and Carter, an immediate rival of hers. This was a dual POV story and I loved being in both of their minds. They each had their own voice and I enjoyed ever second of them.
Nashville was incredibly badass and I admired how she didn’t shy away from a kill. She knew what was expected of her and she delivered no matter what. I really hope to see more characters like her in the near future. I love it when main characters make me cheer them on as intensely as she did.
Carter is absolutely ridiculous, in the best of ways. It took me a while to put my finger on my opinion of him but eventually, he had me cracking up and ashamed that I ever doubted him.
A couple of negative things I have to say is that as much as I really liked the characters, I lacked a personal connection to any of them. I felt a wall between us and it impacted my reading experience more than I wanted it to. Another thing I have to point out is that I am a grammar Nazi when it comes to novels using my first language as a part of their story: Spanish. It was used in this book but not in the way that made any sense. It wasn’t being translated right and it erupted another wall between the characters and me. I just couldn’t get past it so I docked a star for it. There were also some plot twists that I saw coming so the shock factor wasn’t as great as it could have been.
With that said, I loved how short the chapters were so it turned into a quick read. I also really liked how the story wrapped up in the end.

3.5/5 stars

Review: Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones!


*Review copy provided by St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review*
Ahhh!!! This series will be the death of me, no pun intended. I am absolutely obsessed with it and I hope it never, ever ends. Darynda has officially become one of my favorite authors and this is only the second book I’ve read by her.
Anyway, I am still reeling from having just finished book 3 so I will try and bring my feelings back from a book ago. This book takes place a week after the chaos that happened at the end of book 1. It starts right into the suspense and I couldn’t read fast enough.
I love that as memorable Charlie is, so are the side characters. I can call them up from memory at the snap of a finger and it’s really rare when that happens to me. Usually the side character’s names fade away after I have finished a book, but I’m so glad that’s not the case here. I am as invested in their lives as I am Charlie’s. Also, I want to be Charlie’s best friend pretty bad, I hope it comes true someday. I really love how accident prone she is, it always reminds me a bit of myself, and I love nothing more than relating to a character’s pain haha.
Also, I keep shipping Charlie with other sexy male characters that aren’t Reyes and I don’t know why. Maybe I like the drama it would stir, or something. But I won’t name them, I’ll let you guys meet them and decide for yourself who I’m talking about. Don’t let that sentence fool you though, Reyes is the ultimate babe in this story and THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER BY THE END OR I WILL RAGE. I just won’t mind Charlie having a few flings before it comes to that. Nope, I won’t mind that at all.
This book made my heart ache so much, and those last chapters made me tear up bad. I am pretty disappointed in myself because of one thing that happened at the end. I should’ve seen that ending coming but I was so immersed in the story that my mind refused to wander away from the words I was currently reading. It was like not seeing a slap coming your way until their fingers were about to hit you on the cheek. That’s exactly how I felt from the very first word of this novel, to the last.

4.5/5 stars!

Review: First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones!


*Review copy provided by St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Darynda and I have been hearing sooo many good things about this series that it landed on my tbr pile fairly quickly. A publicist over at SMP also pitched the series to me since this is one of her favorites and agreed to send me the first 9 books. For that, I am, and will be, forever thankful!!!
From the very first page, I already knew I was going to love this series. The main character, Charlie, is so sassy, I can’t even handle it. The ridiculous things she said and thought had me tearing up from all the laughing. The fact that it centers around ghosts (my absolute favorite topic of all time) and everything paranormal scored massive points in my book. Throw in a dark, menacing, and sexy male… You bet I was a goner before I even made it to the end of the first chapter. I’ve also always been fascinated by murder cases so Charlie being a PI/ Grim Reaper kept adding to the appreciation I already harbored. I honestly can’t wait to see more of her development play through, She has so much untapped potential that I can’t even fathom where it will lead next.
Darynda’s writing is supper addictive and it kept me from letting reality sink in. I refused to go to sleep until I finished this book, which was around 5 in the morning. There were so many ups and downs that I can’t even imagine what else the rest of the books have in store. I have no regrets where this book is concerned except for the fact that it took me so long to pick it up. This book’s the perfect blend of steamy, suspenseful, and heartbreaking. I’m soo glad I have the next 8 books in my possession, they should last me for a bit. I hope.

4/5 stars!

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Outlaw by Katana Collins!

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ex-con - Main Cover

Worse than bad. Hotter than hot. These are the bad boys of the Harrison Street Crew, and they answer to no one. They take what they want. And what they want is you.

Volume One of a three-part volume by Katana Collins.

Ex-convict Shane McGill is as rugged and wild as they come. Bad to the bone and back on the streets, he’ll do anything and say anything to survive. Even if that something means joining the one car club he had worked so hard to avoid. But there’s one person out there who can match him toe-to-toe…the hot mechanic pin-up doll of a woman with the body of a goddess and tomboy attitude would even give him a chance.

Volume Two of a three-part volume by Katana Collins.

Charlize “Charlie” Wakeman fixes cars and doesn’t suffer fools. But when the hot as hell ex-convict Shane McGill enters her mechanic shop, she can’t resist one wild night with him. It was just meant to be a fling…the wildest, most thrilling fling of her life. But Shane’s too ruthless, too bad to ignore, and Charlie can’t stop herself from coming back for more.

Volume Three of a three-part volume by Katana Collins.

Shane McGill learned one thing from prison—if you get a second chance, don’t screw it up. Shane doesn’t regret a single second of his life once he’s found Charlie. She’s the happiest, hottest, most important thing to happen to him. But as tensions rise in the Harrison Street Crew, his relationship with Charlie takes on a new level of heat, and danger…

Ex-Con Collage



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“The moon can’t glow without the darkness. Let me be your darkness- take that darkness from you so that you can shine.”
These were my second set of novels that I read by Katana and I can’t get enough of her writing.
This story is a dual POV and it follows Shane, an ex-con who was just released from prison and Charlie, the new-ish mechanic in his town. They are both dealing with some unsavory demons from their pasts and it was bittersweet to see them come to light as they found reassurance in each other.
This serial made me tear up so much and the things these two told each other were like salt to an open wound, yet I wanted more. These were just the right amount of angsty and sexy.

I’m so in awe of Katana, her plot twists were spectacular and that ending was groundbreaking. I felt like I was bathed in adrenaline and didn’t know what to do with it so instead, I jumped right into read the next serial, Outlaw, to find out more about these characters.

4/5 stars!


OUTLAW - Main cover

Worse than bad. Hotter than hot. These are the bad boys of the Harrison Street Crew, and they answer to no one. They take what they want. And what they want is you.

Volume One: Released March 7
Patrick Flanagan lives outside the law. The cops don’t like him. The law doesn’t trust him. He may come at you with a charm and a handsome smile, but make no mistake—he’s as reckless and bad as they come. But when a total bombshell with stilettos and a power suit comes blazing into his life, this bad boy is about to be so, so good…

Volume Two: Released March 14
Ambitious lawyer Michelle Chiccarini vowed like hell she is going to do her best to prosecute as many criminals as she could. Even if that means trying to put away Patrick Flanagan, a man who can make her pulse quicken and fill her head with dirty, wicked thoughts just by looking at him. She’s got to put him behind bars. But how can she do that, when she can’t even resist his touch?

Volume Three: Releases March 21
Patrick Flanagan won’t go to jail. Not when he’s got a woman as gorgeous as Michelle aching for his every touch and pushing his lust for her past the boiling point. Even though she’s a lawyer tasked with putting him in prison, he can’t stay away from her. Michelle is falling fast and hard for Patrick, but is he guilty? Or is he innocent? She wants to trust her bad boy from the streets, but is he telling the truth?

OUTLAW Collage



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These were my third set of novels that I have read by Katana and now I’m even more obsessed with her. I don’t know how that could’ve been possible, but it has happened, and I don’t mind one bit.
This serial follows a different duo of characters that we met in Ex-Con. It follows Michelle, Charlie’s bff, and Patrick, Shane’s best friend and club brother. Michelle is an ADA on the hunt to sever all gang activity from her town and Patrick is the worst guy that she could possibly be interested in, considering her position. Not only is he part of a ‘gang’ but he’s the Vice President of it. The sexual tension between these two was incredible and suffocating, even for me. And it didn’t help matters that my crush for Patrick reached insane proportions from that very first chapter. It was badass, intense, and it had my heart palpitating a million miles per hour. It was one of the most memorable intros to a book that I’ve ever read.
If I thought, Ex-Con was good, this serial was outstanding!! Out of the two sets of characters, Michelle/Patrick are my absolute favorite so far!! The intensity basically quadrupled as we dug further into the plot. Katana manged to throw in some of the most amazing humor in the midst of all the chaos, which I appreciated so very much. I cried so many times throughout this serial, for different reasons, that I lost track of the times I didn’t have tears in my eyes.
My heart went out to these two characters completely, their pasts shattered my soul and I wanted to mend everything, especially for Patrick. It sucked seeing him in his true form and I couldn’t even reach into the pages to make it all better. Even though Michelle was my competition for his attention, I loved her so much. She was absolutely hilarious and I respected her iron backbone. The things that were happening to her also made my heart ache. Nobody deserves to witness and go through what she’s going through. I seriously can’t wait to see what else Katana has in store for us.
My emotions were all over the place in this serial, if you haven’t noticed yet. The entire time I was internally screaming: ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING?!’ ‘WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HURTING MY BELOVEDS?.’ Katana is weaving one of the most heart-pounding novels I’ve come across and I’m like an addict; I read this in one sitting since I couldn’t be bothered with real life. Also, as if I didn’t cry enough, that ending completely shattered what was left of my restraint and had the floodgates rampaging out of my system. All I will say is that PAT IS SO PERFECT, I can’t wait to see more of him in the next serial!!!
I leave with one more important question: Where can I find my very own Pat?

5/5 stars!



Katana Collins grew up in a lot of different places. She has called PA, NC, GA, FL and NY all her home. Pretty much in that order, too. Her dream was to always be an author. A photographer. A teacher. A veterinarian. A dolphin trainer. A ballerina. And an actress. She’s proud to say that a few of these even came true.

Katana attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she took only one writing class–but it was the class that changed the course of her life forever. One amazing professor and one semester later, she emerged with a new set of skills and was finally able to develop what was always a passion into that of a career. Or in Katana’s case, one of many careers. She showed up her first day of undergrad in overalls and flip flops…and graduated in a strapless silk dress and a pair of Manolos. She has never since worn overalls. Though, she does admit to the occasional flip flop.

Katana’s “double life” entails photographing portraits (boudoir and glamour portraits, pet portraits and baby/kids/family photographs). Katana currently lives in Brooklyn, NY as a newlywed with her husband and two rescue dogs…one mastiff and one chihuahua.



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Review: Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse


*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*
This was Cecilia’s debut novel and I felt like it could have used some more work. I was INSANELY excited to read this novel since it takes place in one of the best settings a book could ever have… Tokyo!!!!! I am absolutely obsessed with Asian culture and I was underwhelmed. I think my excitement was my downfall since this book didn’t really give my obsession justice. My favorite parts of the novel were witnessing the different shops and the difference of city life in Tokyo vs. the US. Tokyo is a city I want to live in really badly and I felt like this book at least gave me a glimpse into that life without leaving my room. For that, I gave it 1.5 stars.
The other 1.5 stars went to Jamie, the only character I liked from this story. Every other character, especially the main one, needed a lot of work in every way possible.
I couldn’t relate to any of the characters, mostly due to they way they acted and how the mc thought about things, if at all. She didn’t rub me the right way at all. Her emotions were irrational and hard to keep up with. She jumped from emotion to emotion so fast that it would be a miracle if you didn’t get whiplash from it. Because of that, I didn’t believe things she felt or said. I’ve read about many, many characters her age that were eons more mature than she was and I didn’t enjoy reading through her perspective. The way she acted out and dealt with her experiences astounded me in a bad way. She was absolutely reckless. I actually liked her sister way better and really wished the book were in her perspective instead.
I felt like the plot line was rushed. A lot can happen in 7 days and it felt like this book barely grazed its potential. The ending was a bit bittersweet but I would only like to revisit Jamie, if I could.