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Stephanie but please call me Steph
January 4th

Hello beautiful bookdragons!
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How far ahead do you plan your Instagram posts?
I tend to plan my post a few days ahead of schedule I take one to two days out of the week to take a bulk of photographs that I will later edit and post up with a caption that I have prewritten. Of course even prewritting stuff doesn’t stop me from epically failing at my grammar.
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How do you think you have grown as a photographer/blogger/reviewer?
I think my pictures have definitely progress over the time that I have been on bookstagram slowly but surely I’m achieving a look all of my own before I used to get Inspired and just a bit envious of this amazing bookstagrammers with this beautiful white themes I’m slowly realizing that’s not what I want on my page I love the cluttered organized messes that I have created and bringing the unique look to the photographs and books that I have chosen as the main focus point to shine. I tend to go back at all photographs from my early days of bookstagram, a shy girl in the corner of the world that just wanted to share her love of books and afraid to use a camera and not know how to edit properly.
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How do you caption your pictures?
HELLO BOOKDRAGONS! Is usually my go to intro I had a friend awhile back as me why do I call my followers dragons? And there’s a couple of reasons behind that one being Dragons are amazing! How can I not? Two majestic beings of the world, of course that falls back to reason number one DRAGONS ARE FANTASTIC! (Clearly you can tell I love dragons hahaha) but in all honesty I saw a post once awhile back people saying “I’m not a bookworm, I’m a bookdragon” and seeing that felt so much more powerful. While there are people out there in the world that see books as boring, little do they know the power they hold within them, the places you can escape to,something small like a worm becoming power like a dragon so Bookdragons stuck real close to my heart since then
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How do you edit your pictures?
Oh gosh my editing progress goes all over the place, from taking pictures with my camera to moving the pictures to my phone, it goes through Vsco first if my preedit settings don’t sit well I move my photo to Lightroom or snapseed for some lighting adjustments but it goes back to Vsco eventually, Then to a backup Instagram account to get Instagram setting editing done and cropped. Then moved back to snapseed for my watermark to be added, save and it gets added to an app called planoly where I prewrite my captions and store till its ready to post. Its an insane back and forth which most might see as silly but if I enjoy the overall look of my theme and the picture I don’t see the harm in it whatsoever.

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Who is your favorite fictional pet?
Are we speaking strictly books? If that’s the case I would have to say Abroxas as Queen Maas has said it he is pretty much Toothless from How to Train a Dragon but on steroids haha. If we are speaking about any kind of fictional animal book, movie or tv show. I’ll have to say the Chameleon from Tangled Pescal that little guy is a ball of sass and I love it!
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What is your favorite standalone?
The Host by Stephenie Meyer and before we look into it, Yes its meant to be a trilogy this was announced about four years ago and nothing has come of it, sadly I believe it will stay as a standalone for a very long time. But the Host by Stephenie Meyer is my favorite book of all time if we ever get the next two books I would probably be balled up on the ground crying because I’ve been wanting this world to continue since I was a freshmen in High School and that’s has been quiet awhile. It’s a book that had helped me in a very difficult time in my life and helped me escape from the world. I reread this book once a year it holds a very special place for me.
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-Do you listen to music while you read?
Yes, always listening to music when I read, though I would say it has to be music that fits the genre of the book. Example when I read Throne of Glass I had Lindsay Stirling playing in the background none stop as well as the instrumentals of Game of Thrones. But that kind of music was not doing it for me when I read Geekeralla when I read that book I had to listen to pop music because it fit the time and setting to the book perfectly unlike The light of the seven ever would in such a book haha.I hunt down for playlist related to the books on spotify and see if the music of others had chosen can help me settle into the world as well. I also use another app called 8tracks for my music
-What is your favorite series?
Vampire Academy series had been on my top five for years and will remain there for all my life that entire series shaped my reading experience in high school and helped me meet some amazing online friends of mine that I still talk to till this day. A Court of Thorns and Roses series is also another series while it is a very hyped book for me it did live up to it. Ask any of my friends it consumes my life haha. Its also a series that I was able to get not only my online friends to read but as well as my friends that I see on a daily basis, we all have a mutual love for this books that we get together and talk about them when we can. Warm Bodies series is also on the top who doesn’t love a good Zombie series?

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ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: April Soller (@abnormalsquid)!


Name: April
Age: 22
Birthday: September 15

-How far ahead do you plan your posts?
    I usually don’t plan too far ahead for posts, unless there’s an upcoming release that I’m excited about. I like just arranging things when the mood strikes and going from there, finding what books to feature and finding props that go with the theme or appearance of the books. 
-Do you have any advice for an aspiring bookstagrammer?
     Have fun with your account. You don’t need to have a certain theme or try to do the same looks as other bookstagram accounts. Don’t get bummed if you don’t get a lot of followers at first, or for awhile. Before my account was a bookstagram account, I posted makeup, books, and Star Wars pictures (until books fully took over). I was at less than 300 followers for years, but that was okay because I made so many cool friends who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.
-Where did your love for books/writing come from?
    I grew up with it. I think it started because my mom always read to me when I was a baby and as I grew up, and books were always my favorite escape. There hasn’t been a time in my life when I haven’t loved reading. 
-Have you gone to a book event? How many? / -What book event that you have attended was your favorite? Why?
    I’ve gone to so many over the years. Most recently was BookCon in Chicago this past May (which was absolutely amazing), but my favorites will always be the Harry Potter events that Barnes & Noble held the night that a new HP book was to be released. My best friend at the time and I sugared up with Starbucks coffee and just loved being our dorky Potter-obsessed selves with other people who had the same love.

-How many books do you own?
   Last time I counted, over 700. It fluctuates a good amount so I’m not too sure. I’ve kept a lot of my childhood books, in addition to accumulating many books over the years, so it has added up a solid amount. 
-What is your favorite hobby besides reading?
    I love to paint and knit, and I also love doing my makeup. 
-Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?
    Belle, because she showed me that I wasn’t alone when I was little. She was strange and loved to read, and that’s how I’ve always been. 
-Who is your most owned author?
    Stephen King. One can never have too many different editions of the same book (especially if they were found at the thrift store for a great price!). 


ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Sandra Wo (@Thedarkestpartsofsnow)!


Name: Sandra Wo
Age: Definitely not a teenager anymore 
Birthday: A child of Winter



-Do you have any advice for an aspiring bookstagrammer?
Be yourself, be kind and engage with others. You will find that the community is very welcoming and very lovely. I have met some really great inspiring people via bookstagram who have become close friends in real life. And don’t give up even if you feel disheartened. The new IG algorithm can be a real monster but you will get there eventually. Just make sure that you post pictures of high quality, find your style, meet people, stay true to yourself. In the end talent and passion will always win, so go for it!


-Where did your love for books/writing come from?
I have been surrounded by books since I can remember. Books in our household were a necessity, like water – or ice cream, haha. My mom was also a huge bookworm and my fondest memories of her are either reading to me or snuggled up on the couch with a book in her hands. As a child you always strive to be like your mom. So once I was able to read you would always see me with a book – and this hasn’t changed ever since.

-In 5 words, how would you describe your account?
My great friend Lara from @writinglaraferrari gave a great description once which I absolutely loved. She said it reminded her of a whimsical, magical, dreamy fairytale forest. I think that might be pretty accurate.


-Which props are your favorite to use?
Flowers. And plants. I think every single one of my pictures has flowers in them. They are a great prop and also make every room more beautiful – so gain/gain!!


-What is your perfect date?
I had a really great date once. I was picked up with a VW bus and we drove up a mountain to have self-made dinner in the back of the bus while watching the city below us. Afterwards we just talked all night and watched the stars. It was pretty much perfect. I don’t think any YA author could have written a better scene😉


-Who are your favorite female main characters?
I love when authors are able to write really strong, really independent female characters who escape the typical tropes and clichés of YA writing. Great examples are Kestrel from The Winner’s Curse trilogy by Marie Rutkoski, Lia from Kiss of Deception trilogy by Mary E. Pearson and my childhood favourite Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

-What is your favorite series?
There are so many but I remember reading Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and it just left me in awe. Her writing style is just so beautiful and lyrical. Also the story was really unique with a beautiful bunch of characters you will miss dearly once you close the last book. A must read in my opinion if you are a fan of fantasy and young adult literature.


-If you had a spirit animal, which would it be? Why?
A penguin. I love how penguins seem so clumsy and awkward on land. But once they jump into the water they become those highly elegant, highly efficient creatures, It’s just a beautiful thing to witness. And I believe that this is true for every one of us. We sometimes get disheartened by setbacks or don’t feel good enough. But often times this is just because we haven’t found the right environment yet where we can blossom and grow. I am really really tiny; I would never make a great model but I can totally excel BEHIND the camera! So we all need to find our niche but once we do we can become amazing.



ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Myranda Barton (@books_n_dragons)!

Name: Myranda Barton

Age: 19

Birthday: June 4th 


Hi everyone, I’m Myranda!

I wanted to start out by saying thank you to Cassandra for letting me be a part of this! I really enjoy taking pictures of my books even though I do get strange looks if I take some in public. Also, just to let you all know, I’m going to be holding a giveaway once I reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. I’ve been wanting to give back to the people that enjoy my pictures enough to stick around for a while now and have just been waiting for a milestone to happen to do it!


-Is there an idea that has been stuck in your head that you haven’t done yet?

Yes, three actually. Picture wise, there is a forest not too far from where I live and I want to go do a bookish photo shoot there, I just need to find a photographer! The next one is cosplays! There are so many characters I want to do, Vhalla (Air Awakens), Nina (Six of Crows), Evangeline (Red Queen), and more! There are also two book ideas eating me alive right now but I need to straighten things out with story lines before I write them down. Lately my mind has had all this creative energy and I just don’t know where to start with it!


-Why did you choose to start your account?

No one in my day to day life is as obsessed with books as I am so when I found bookstagram I immediately wanted to start an account to connect with people who loved books like I do. It was also kind of an excuse to buy more books because I obviously needed more books to take pictures of.😄 I really love bookstagram and its people although sometimes it’s hard to show just how much I adore a book through text so I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a booktube just as a better way of getting my feelings out there on certain books. I’m not totally sure I’ll do it but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about a lot.


-What book event that you have attended was your favorite? Why?

In March Elise Kova, Rachel E. Carter, and Laura Thalassa had a book signing in the bay area. Having just read Elise’s Air Awakens I had to go! I went in thinking it was going to be like a typical signing where you get in, have your book signed, and then get out. It was nothing like that though! I, and several other lovely people who I still talk to, (@metamorphicbooks, @daphodilli,@crazytensai, and @novelstosong) were able to talk to these amazing authors about everything bookish for almost three hours! It was a blast and I know for sure that no matter what other authors I meet in the future, nothing will compare to the fun I had meeting those three at that signing!


-When/why did you become a writer?

I became a writer at the age of 6 or 7 when on a road trip with my family. I was sitting there and suddenly had this urge to write a story about a penguin who lost their favorite ball and had to go on a journey to find it. Of course it was just a few sentences but at that moment I wrote something for me and I think that is what makes a writer. Ever since I’ve been thinking up story ideas with most of them just leaving my mind. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually got the idea in my head that I could write an entire book. I won NaNoWriMo 2015 but since that was my first attempt at something big, it won’t be seeing the light of day for a very, very long time!


-Who are your top 5 fictional book girlfriends/boyfriends, why?

Okay, this is a really tough one. I know that my ultimate book boyfriend is William Herondale, every time I pick of one of the books from The Infernal Devices and read a passage with him being his sassy self, my heart does a little flip at how lovable he is! Everyone else is in no particular order because it just wouldn’t be fair since I love them all so.😄 Warner from the Shatter Me trilogy has a place in my heart because after we see that everything he does has had a reason and that he is actually a softy he just cemented himself in there. There’s also Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door, I’m pretty sure this one stems from me always wanting that typical “boy next door” relationship and also because Cricket is just really adorable and dorky. One of my most recent additions to steal my heart has been Aldrik from the Air Awakens series because that Fire Lord actually has a heart of gold and fights to no end for his loved ones. This last guy is a bit of a preemptive addition since I’ve barley read about him yet, but from what I’ve read I already love him. That would be Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I finished the first book just a few hours ago as I type this but I can already tell I’m going to absolutely love him. After writing all that down I just realized I really like the male characters who had the hard exteriors but are total softies on the inside. At least I know I know have a type!


-Who is your favorite Indie author?

Well if I didn’t mention her, or her series enough in my above posts, I would have to say Elise Kova. Her writing is just so beautiful and her characters are so well shelled out that it’s easy to forget it’s all fictional!


-What is your favorite standalone?

I haven’t read that many standalones but even if I had then I know that The Night Circus would still be my favorite. Reading that book was like something I’ve never experienced before. The synopsis was practically nothing like the actual book which I think has actual magic pumping through its pages. No, really, while reading that book you can feel the magic of the world pouring out of the pages and into our own. I was reading it on a car ride at one point and it took my family a few seconds to get my attention with how engrossed I was in the tale.


-What is your dream reading spot?

I would absolutely love to have one of those clear bubble bed kind of things that I’ve seen on the internet placed in a meadow of flowers with forest surrounding it and raining. It would be perfect because I could read in the rain without getting wet and get to see the rain fall on the top of the dome. It’s a bit hard to explain but the picture is so clear in my mind I could almost touch it!


ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Bex (@Outofthebex)!

Name: Bex
Age: 24
Birthday: March 19th


 -What is the meaning behind your username?

Look at me trying to be all punny. @outofthebex came about as a marriage between a nickname of mine, Bex, and the concept of thoughts that are ‘out of the box’. Anyone who has interacted with me, or even just read my captions, knows that my mind certainly falls under the category of ‘out of the box’. I like to think I’m weird in the best way possible. Think Luna Lovegood, or Phoebe from Friends.
-Where does your inspiration come from?
Random conversations, books, nature, nargles, and other bookish folk. Inspiration is a flighty sort of thing and surprises you at the most unexpected of times.
-What is your favorite part of running your account?
The absolute most wonderful part of having a bookstagram account is the people. In a lot of ways I feel like I have found my tribe. It’s an incredible community that I am so grateful to be a part of. I take care to answer most comments and really believe in engaging with the incredible people who have chosen to follow my posts. It’s also a perfect creative outlet for me. I look back at where I started and it’s still hard to believe I’ve come so far. My photography style has changed so much! But my captions? Those are just as delightfully weird as ever.
-Do you have any advice for an aspiring bookstagrammer? 
I think the difference between people who succeed and people who don’t, is that successful people just keep going. They don’t give up. There have been plenty of times when running my bookish account would become difficult, I would start to doubt myself, and part of me would want to give up. You have to tell that part of you to shut up. You’re already doing great. Just keep going, keep moving, keep challenging yourself. There’s always something brighter coming around the corner, you just have to keep walking toward it. If something makes you happy, don’t let it go.

-Who are your favorite female main characters?
Katniss, Matilda, Celaena Sardothien, Sarah Crewe from a Little Princess, Luna Lovegood, and Scarlet from Gone With the Wind.
-What is/are your favorite book-to-movie adaption/s?
Matilda. I’ve seen it over a hundred times. Judge me if you must.
-Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?
I can’t pick between Belle, Pocahontas, Meg, and Mulan. Man, I am really not good at picking favorites. I will say this, Snow White and I? We’re not friends.
-What are some of your favorite shows?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, and Gilmore Girls. I have seen all of these many many times all the way through. Buffy forever.

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ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Hailee Newton (@Haibooklovers)!


Name: Hailee Newton

Age: Twenty-(mumblesevenmumble)

Birthday: June 1



-How do you edit your pictures?

I actually take all of my photos with my DSLR camera (Canon Rebel t5i), and then edit them on my laptop.  Seems a bit silly to put forth so much effort, but the entire reason I got into bookstagram was to practice my photography, and the books just happened to be my most accessible subject matter! I use the PicMonkey photo editor to play around with cropping, exposure, color saturation, contrast and the like.  I love it because it’s easy to use but also allows me to really make my photos special.  Once I’ve got the photo looking the way I want it, I add my watermark and then use a custom filter that’s sort of antique-y.  Because that’s totally a useful way to describe it. Be sure to keep an eye out for a blog post on editing photos that’ll be here soon!


-Who has supported you the most in your journey? 

When I first got the idea to start bookstagram (just about a year ago), my friend (she’s really my person, a la Grey’s Anatomy) Marge was such a huge supporter!  She knows how much I love to read and how interested in photography I am, so she absolutely encouraged me to not only take the photos, but maybe to also start a blog, try booktube, and really get into actually reviewing books.  She’s still the person I go to when I can’t decide which photo I want to use or what idea I should try.  Love her to death.

But then I’ve also met so many incredible people through bookstagram!  Annette (@booknerderie) and Sarah (@newleafwriter) are my homeskillets and I am so wildly lucky to have been able to meet them in person and share my crazy with them.


-If you could switch places with a character, who would it be? Why?

Ok, this one is difficult.  All of them? Yes, please. Ugh, but if I had to only pick one?  Feyre. And not just because of Rhys (but let’s be real, that’s still a significant motivator), but because her journey is incredible.  She’s so determined, and loyal, and just an overall badass. And the world that she gets to live in – while brutal and sometimes heartless – is a thing of beauty. Plus I’d like to be able to shape-shift.  That’d be great.  Somebody get on that please.


-Have you gone to a book event? How many?

I’ve only ever been to one!  I went to BookCon in Chicago this year and it was INCREDIBLE. The authors, the fellow booklovers, the swag, the panels…absolute perfection.  Next year I plan on going to BEA in NYC, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there! 


-What super power would you like to have?

Flight.  FO SHO.  Almost all of the dreams I remember having are of me being able to fly.  It’s just totally unacceptable that I can’t fly.


-What is your favorite hobby besides reading?

Adventuring!  Traveling, skydiving, cliff-jumping, roller coasters, basically all of the adrenaline.  I don’t believe it’s an adventure unless there’s a possibility for scarring. Weird, but there it is.


-Who is your favorite Disney princess? Why?

Can I say all of them?  Yes.  All of them.  As cliché as it is, my favorite has always been Belle.  There’s the one song towards the beginning: “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” That’s always stuck with me (not only because it was my first tattoo).  And her way to experience adventure was through books…which is something I think we can all relate to.


-If you had a spirit animal, which would it be? Why?

A wolf.  My favorite book as a kid was Julie of the Wolves (Eskimo girl runs away from home and is essentially adopted by a wolf pack), and I’ve always thought wolves were the most beautiful creatures.  The pack hierarchy and mentality has always fascinated me – I’ve always seen them as fierce, but also playful and independent and free.


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ICYMI Bookstagram Interview: Kathrin (@Kkat.xy)!


Name: Kat (Kathrin)
Age: 29
Birthday: 11th July 1987
I live in Germany

-What do you usually do when you’re not taking pictures, besides reading? 
Besides reading and posting pictures on Instagram, I love to play video games… I’m huge fan of retro games and Nintendo. My current addiction is Pokemon Go… I just love to catch them, I always dreamed of doing this myself back then and now it’s possible. It’s amazing!
-Are there specific steps you take when take pictures? Ex: Is it planned or spontaneous?
All my photos are spontaneous… I really don’t plan anything. I just grab some books from my shelves and some props and take a picture😉  When I’m in a mood to take picture… I take a lot of them just to post them at some point. I can’t take pictures when i don’t feel like it… they won’t good when I force myself to take them.
-What is your favorite part of running your account?
My favorite part is interacting with all the lovely people around the world😉
-What is your most asked question on social media?
How many books I have😉 I think I’ve answered this question like a million times. I currently own 1186 books and 2539 manga.

-What is your favorite snack?
Chocolate. I’m literally crazy about chocolate… I love everything that has chocolate on it^^
-Who are your favorite female main characters?
Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
Hermine Granger from Harry Potter
-What is your favorite season?
Fall because everything will be so colorful, I just love the air (it’s different I think) and it feels amazing… I’m always happy when fall begins
-Where is your happy place?
My little library in my apartment… I could spent days in there… I just love to be surrounded by books


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