Book Haul: Week 10 & 11 (12/28/15-1/10/16)

These are the books I hauled int he last two weeks!

On 12/31/15 I hauled:


A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

The Cove by Ron Rash

Niceville by Carsten Stroud

I found these three books at the 99 cents store!

On 1/8/15 I hauled:


Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame. My brother bought me this book at Target!

On 1/10/16 I hauled:


Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig

I found these two at the Dollar Store!


Book Haul:Weeks 8 & 9 (12/14/15-12/27/15)

Since the month swept by me so incredibly fast, I am uploading both weeks into one post!

I didn’t haul any books for week 8: (12/14/14-12/20/15)

On 12/21/15 I hauled:


First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond. I hauled this book at Wal-Mart!


Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber. I hauled this one at the 99cents store!


-Domestic Affairs by Bridget Siegel

-The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Never Come Back by David Bell

The French Gardner by Santa Montefiore

I found all of these at a Dollar Tree!

On 12/22/15 (MY BIRTHDAY!) I hauled:


My brother, Edvin, bought me a signed hardback copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. He saw how much I wanted it so this was his second gift to me!


Night Film by Marisha Pessl

the Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi

My high school friend, Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Marce, gifted me a Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday which purchased these three beauties!


The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont

Old Border Road by Susan Froderberg

Broadway Lights: Secrets of my Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita

I hauled these last ones at the Dollar Tree!

On 12/23/15 I hauled:


Night School by C.J. Daugherty

Rush by Eve Silver

Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowan

River Road by Suzanne Johnson

And that is is for last week’s book mail! Thank you so, so much to everybody that was mentioned!

Book Haul: Week 7 (12/7/15-12/13/15)

This week I hauled over 40 books in total:

On 12/7/15 I hauled:


Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

In the Woods by Jana French

The Other Woman by Jane Green

(I bought these at a thrift store! Their paperbacks are $1 and hardbacks are $1.50 but I went on a Monday so they were 50% off. I got all 3 for $1.75!!)


On the same day, I went to a Dollar Tree that I haven’t bought books at yet and found all of these babies!!

On 12/9/15 I hauled:


The True Darcy Spirit by Elizabeth Aston. (I found this at the Dollar Tree!)


Sleep No More by Iris Johansen

Disciple/Merge by Walter Mosley (2 books in 1)

Seconds Away by Harlan Coben

Zoe Letting Go by Nora Price

Second Chances by Heather Brewer

(I found all of these at a 99cents store. They were all hidden but I found them and decided to take them with me!)

On 12/10/15 I hauled:


Reached by Ally Condie

I found this at the same 99cents store from above. This was hidden as well so it was a complete surprise that I found it. I have been meaning to read this trilogy and I can’t believe I found one of the books (& in hardcover!) for just a dollar!

On 12/11/15 I hauled:


The Last Minute by Jeff Abbott

Midummer Night by Freda Warrington

Agenda 21 by Harriett Parke

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

The Sound by Sarah Alderson

Syndrome E by Franck Thilliez

Christmas with Holly by Lisa Kleypas

Kiss the Bride by multiple authors (Deirdre Martin, Christie Ridgway, Laura Florand)

Fever by Maya Banks

Ghost Hunt 2 by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Cameron Dokey

(I found all of these at another Dollar Tree)

On 12/12/15 I hauled:

(I went to my first book event, hosted by Bibliobules, and I hauled quite a few books. Some I bought and some I won at the giveaways!)


Someday Girls, One Day His, Forever Us by Melanie Shawn

A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson

(I bought the above books straight from the wonderful authors!)

Mr. Maybe (I bought this one at a book shop near the event)


Against the Wall by Julie Prestsater (I’ve read this one and LOVED it!)

I am Atlas by Elle Emerson

Barefoot Pastures by Lili Mahoney

(Those are the ones I won on giveaways)

Flawless, Beauty Mark by Jan Moran.

(I went to talk to her at her booth and in the end she ended up giving me 2 of her books for free! )

On 12/13/15 I hauled:


Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith

Blowback by Valerie Plame

The Orphan Master by Jean Zimmerman

No One Could Have Guessed the Weather by Anne-Marie Casey

A Corpse’s Nightmare by Phillip DePoy

The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg

(I found all of these at another 99cents store)




Book Haul: Week 5 (11/23/15-11/29/15)

This week I hauled 14 books from two separate Dollar Tree stores:

On 11/25/15 I bought 4 books:


Mergers & Acquisitions by Dana Vachon

Genre: Fiction

Synopsis: [HERE]


Back in Black (A-List #5) by Zoey Dean

Genre: YA Contemporary

Synopsis: [HERE]


Words Get in the Way by Nan Rossiter

Genre: Adult Contemporary

Synopsis: [HERE]

My Review: HERE]


Island Apart by Steven Raichlen

Genre: Adult Romance

Synopsis: [HERE]

On 11/29/15 I bought 10 books:


Bullet (Anita Blare, Vampire Hunter #19) by Laurell K. Hamilton


Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #20) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Genre: Paranormal


Rizzo’s Daughter (Joe Rizzo #3) by Lou MAnfredo

Genre: Thriller


Carpathian (Event Group Adventure #8) by David L. Golemon

Genre: Fantasy/Thriller


Invisible Sun (Hell’s Cross #2) by DavidMacinnis Gill

Genre: YA SciFi


The Brahms Deception by Louise Marley

Genre: Adult SciFi/Historical Fiction


Oceanborne (Seaborne #2) by Katherine Irons

Genre: Fantasy/Romance


Devil Said Bang (Sandman Slim #4) by Richard Kadrey

Genre: Paranormal


Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

Synopsis: [HERE]

The Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands & Jeanine Frost

-“The Gift” by Lynsay Sands

-“Home for the Holidays” by Jeanine Frost

Synopsis [HERE]

Genre: Paranormal


Book Haul: Week 4 (11/16/15-11/11/22/15)

This week I only hauled 4 books:

On 11/20/15 I bought:


Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche (paperback)

Genre: Memoir/Romance

Synopsis [HERE]


Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (hardback)

Genre: YA/SciFi

Synopsis [HERE]


Fantasy in Death by J.D. Robb (hardback)

Genre: Thriller

Synopsis [HERE]


The Devil’s Elixir by Raymond Khoury (hardcover)

Genre: Thriller/Historical Fiction

Synopsis [HERE]

I found all of these books at a .99 cents store near me(:

Book Haul: Week 3 (11/9/15-11/15/15)

This week I only hauled 3 books:

On 11/12/15 my brother bought me:


The Actress by Amy Sohn (hardcover)

We found this copy at a Dollar Tree

Genre: Adult Contemporary

Synopsis [HERE]

On 11/14/15 I bought:


The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett


Genre: Adult SciFi

Synopsis [HERE]


The Fall: Mission 7, book 7 in the Cherub series, by Robert Muchamore


Genre: YA Thriller

Synopsis for the first book in the series [HERE]

–These two copies were also found at my nearest Dollar Tree–